#ThrowBackThursday: My Twist and Curl Adeventures in 2014!

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My flat-twisted updo

Hello great kinkitizens! How’re your manes doing? I hope your moisture and length retention levels are giving you all joy. As for me, not exactly.

For the past month, my hair has received the greatest level of neglect known to be received by manes owned by sane people. I lost 2 of my spray bottles and I didn’t have the strength and time to get a new one, my old leave in(which was actually doing nothing for my hair) got exhausted and I was making plans to get a new one(for a whole month!!). My laziness no get part 2! My hair care regimen for that period included; Shamwashing with local black soap, Cowashing with V05 conditioner(because I could get this at a supermarket close to my house) and sealing with Shea Butter dazall!! I know some naturals swear by water, black soap and Shea Butter as the only products that get into their hair and keeps their hair very manageable, but it’s not for me! My hair was staging protests left, right and centre.

For styling, I simply cornrowed my hair after every wash and wore a face cap on my way out Everyday for a month. This didn’t look as weird as it sounds because I’m still a student and we just resumed so a greater part of my neglect month was spent at home. Also, in school, I don’t get to dress up a lot, a pair of jeans and a top and I’m out! On Wednesday, I got bored. I had a lecture and I wanted to dress up a bit, I realized my ‘outfit’ would not look good with a face cap on so I asked my girl, Ruth to hook me up with any updo she could think of and she quickly created this look. Ruth doesn’t have a lot of experience in natural hair styling even though her hair is beautifully natural so I was really amazed at how fast she could come up with something really pretty.

Everyone really loved it and we struck a deal, Ruth will be hooking me up with updos whenever she’s free and my hair is not in a protective style. Also, I ordered some products and tools for my hair yesterday and I’ll be getting them today, I’m so excited! In a latter post, I’ll be discussing how this style was achieved.

Till next time, Oge.

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How To: Make Your Hair Look Good In Every Photo


We all have those days when we would have to take a billion photos over and over again just because we don’t ever seem to look good in enough in them and we end up getting frustrated. Most of the time the problem isn’t how we look or how our hair look; infact we can take amazing photos with even day 7 hair! The problem is mostly with our lighting and surroundings and the solution simply requires us to apply quick easy fixes to get the best hair-flattering angle from your camera. Here are quick and easy ways to better looking hair!


Your Camera Device and Settings: This is an obvious long term solution. There’s no point complaining your hair doesn’t look great enough if your camera has only 5 mega pixels. . That doesn’t mean you should go all the way to get professional cameras that would tear your pocket. Your hair can look absolutely fabulous in photos using a good camera as low as 8 megapixels to take great shots of your hair.

Also editing your pictures just to add a touch of professionalism goes a long way. No I don’t mean all those secondary school days editing with so much color and contrast. adding so much color and contrast defeat the purpose of taking the picture because we can’t see the focus object clearly. The use of light subtle moderate filters that won’t take focus off your hair or face is really essential.

Most of the  time, I make use of a 14.1 megapixel digital camera to take great shots. If you are low on a budget, then hook yourself up with a 14mp digital camera for as low as N12000!


Lighting and Surrounding:

I think the is probably the most critical and essential factor to note down. It is highly important to always face the light rather than back the light. Facing the light reflects the light on your face while backing it would only create a shadow on your face and hair.

Even the most beautiful hairstyles taken in the a low- light indoor setting can looka hot mess on camera. I can testify to that. It is always best to take close up shots of the face and hair in an outdoor environment where there is sufficient natural lighting. If you are the type that finds herself indoor most of the time, places like your balcony, varenda or compound offer the best natural lighting.

Another point to note is that your surrounding does matter a lot in how your hair turns out on camera. A brightly colored/white background with good lighting is often preferred to just any background/surrounding. I think this explains the reason why a lot of us take bathroom selfies a lot! Because it is one of the smallest rooms in the house with a bright surface that admits the greatest amount of light.

This is something I notices too with me because the place I used to stay lacked sufficient lighting and ventilation so I always found myself going straight to the bathroom or balcony.

So next time you want to take a great selfie, Move out to your balcony or simply go to your bathroom!


Find Your  Best Angle: Everyone has a particular face orientation that suits them the most. Be it sideways chin up or chin down, directly facing the camera or over head shots. Most of the time, I like to take sideways shots, or slightly tilting my hair sideways because personally, that’s the orientation that suits my profile the most.

Shooting angle may also depend on the hair style your wear. Some hair styles require overhead shots that shows all the details of the hair style. styles like bun and puffs, require side ways or direct shots, textured hair like braids and twist require sideways shots, straight hair requires direct shots, etc.

Finding your best angle may take no more than five minutes. simply do a quick review of your selfies and highlight your favorites ones. How did you orient your face in those pictures? Was it an overhead shot, or direct or tilted or side ways shots?


Make Your Hair Look Good:

Well, sometimes, using the best of the best devices and filters may not give us a great shot. When this happens, maybe our hair is just the problem. A dull, stiff and dirty looking hair can ruin a great shot. So it’s always best to showcase pictures of newly or freshly washed/made hair. But ”reality” won’t permit us to wash our textured hair every single day. So It is essential to protect our hair at night, keep our hair moisturized and avoid using too much products. all these help in preserving our hairstyles for a longer time So yes, A well managed day 7 hair can still look just as great as day 1 hair.


Show Texture: Hair or styles that show texture like natural hair ( curly, wavy , coily, kinky) will tend to look more attractive and interesting than plain straight hair. For us natural girls, styles like twists, braids, cinabuns, rollersets, textured buns, twist outs that are well executed always make great shots and generally enhance the beauty of the hair.


Black and White Effect:

The black and white effect. When all else fails you; lighting, background, dull hair, naked face, etc. then try out the black and white effect. You can never go wrong with black and white. It simply makes your face and hairstyle look a lot more sophisticated and lush.


Pamper Your Face and Smile:

There’s nothing more attractive in a photo than a genuine smile. Though this would not automatically turn your hair from ”I just woke up” hair to dinner date-ready hair, but it would definitely save that picture and make you look better and more attractive. A little make up on your face or well done brows can also take the shot from zero to amazing!

Until Next time,


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Oshey! Silver/Grey Streaks On My Mind

Hello Ladies!!!

Yes Yes Yes!!! I’m thinking color again!  But before you people crucify me, I am only thinking some highlights; that’s all. I ‘m not sure when I’ll have them done, But I know it’s something I’m definitely considering. I stumbled across this beautiful grey streaks (first picture) and I fell in love with it instantly. I have been bored with this hair for a while now, I was thinking maybe I should just have a clean cut AGAIN or get some temporary colour thing going but when I saw these pictures, I knew this was what I wanted.

So simple and chic!

What do you think? Grey streaks, Yay or Nay?
Chime in and let me know,

Until Next time,



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I’m 16 months natural… Post BC

Hi everyone, Oge here again. We recently concluded exams in school so Nafisat and I have been sort of busy but we’re right back where we left off!!   How’re you all and your manes doing? I hope your hair is smiling while you’re reading this, mine isn’t, it’s due for a wash😟😟

So I’ll be starting a new column on the blog and talking basically about everyday hair issues. I may not be posting regularly because these topics are inspired by naturals around me so we’ll just flow with the vibe.

Today, I’ll be talking about length and hair dating(giving your hair a time description, e.g – my hair is 5 months old, I’m 38 months post BC, I’m 90 months post relaxer).
I remember when I had my big chop at a natural hair salon, I took a very close friend of mine to witness the ‘event’ and there was a lady with very healthy, long hair getting twists installed. My friend was captivated and was forced to commend and eventually ask the lady how old her was. The lady thanked her and said she was 6 months natural. We immediately glared at each other, mouths agape because her hair supposedly looked too long for 6 months. By the time she was done with her twists and had left the salon, my friend(Sarah talks too much) had engaged the salon owner in a discussion and mentioned how beautiful and long the lady’s hair was. The salon owner then pointed out that she had transitioned for a year and some months before trimming off her relaxed ends so her hair was actually over 2 years old. You know that ‘Ooohhhhhhh!!!!’ moment right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know health is the most important thing but who doesn’t like to see some length up there? Who doesn’t want to feel like their hair is healthy and retaining as much length as manes of the same age? Another short gist, this same Sarah came visiting and met a girl on the hallway with long hair too, and according to her, this conversation ensued;
Sarah: OMG! Your hair is so full and long, is this a twist-out?
Hallway Girl: No, I just took out my braids, thank you.
Sarah: Oge come and see fine hair o! Maybe you’ll feature her on your blog. Sorry I’m disturbing you, I just love seeing beautiful hair, how old is your hair?
Hallway Girl: No, it’s fine. My hair is 8 months old.
Sarah: Eez a lie!!! It’s so long for 8 months! Wait, 8 months post BC or 8 months post relaxer?
Hallway Girl: I stopped relaxing it in August 2014 and cut off the top parts in August 2015,from August 2015 to this month is 8 months.
Sarah: Oh, so it’s a year and 8 months. It’s really beautiful, I’m really sorry I took so much of your time. You’ll cut off some of this hair and give me o, What’s your room number? Oge will come and see your hair later *girl leaves, Sarah faces me* Why do people like intimidating other people with their hair? See me already feeling bad that my own 8 months natural growth will not look anything like that when I cut it. *hisses* Some of you natural people don’t know how to tell how old your hair is, just be confusing me up and down *rolls eyes**hisses*

I know, Sarah is a drama queen. But I want to know, who else has a problem with this? I really want to hear your opinion on this, do you think it’s an issue? Do you think it makes new naturals feel intimidated? How do you tell the age of your hair? Do you think it’s important to state whether it’s post BC or post relaxer? Have you had experiences like this? What’s your take on this?

Love, Oge

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