Education is Life; Not a Preparation for Life. Start Living It.

         Education they say is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

         I’ll ask my friends, “What’s your future ambition?” and they’ll mention all kinds of fascinating professions. yeah that’s a good spirit but do you have what it takes? Are you willing to let go of some your hobbies for a good academic progress? These are the things you think of before opening your mouth to say “I wanna be this, I wanna be that.” I’m sick and tired of hearing that!
        Just last week as usual, the school management would remind us about our forthcoming examinations and a silly bunch of students were making jest of them. i know of many of them who take school work with levity. the next week i came to school only to see these same set of people hanging around school premises pinging, bullying and disturbing others in the class. Just this week while we were writing our examinations, a silly student was caught with cheats on paper and the worst part of it was that he felt no remorse over that. They are the ones who are ready to critize any wrong step you take and yet, they are full of wrongs themselves. Yes, they are! I could still remember two of them moving from science department to art department just a month ago, at grade 11 (SS2); Who does that?!  And when you try to knock some sense into them, they begin to insult you. I know of some people who wanted to be this and that and they are that those today. My sister is one of them not because and it’s not her fault though. Anything could have happened and anything can happen. You are not in that position today does not mean you’ll never be there. Students should please try hard and think of the money their parents pay to send them to school. We pay the same fees per term about one hundred and something thousand naira and still these students go home with bad reports year in year out and have no zeal to work harder. Your being fly with swag here and there won’t make you that doctor or architect you want to be. People, think twice, you only live once.
       Correct if i’m wrong but i’m ceraintly not saying this to critize or make anyone feel bad. I’m only speaking my mind. It’s what i feel and what i think. P.S This is my first official blog; ever! Hope it’s not that bad.


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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