I am Black, Call me Black and I will Smile :)

I am dark or as some would say “black”
  Since the very first day I knew my name, I have been called so many names. You name it…”blacki-charcoal”, “ashes”, “dudu”, “black demon” “She’s black, that’s why she’s stupid”. There’s virtually no name related to the word “black” I have not been called.
Is it just me or the people I meet?
Why do they find it so dificult to accept me for who I am?
Is anything wrong with being dark?
Why do some people discriminate like they were not created by the same super natural being?
Why have you chosen to kill the real girl in that dark skin?
Why have you chosen to kill your conscience?
    I remember when I used to cry all night because people, even adults have refused to let my skin tone be.

I remember when I used to be ashamed of being dark. But now, I am much older, I understand better
I have a better and more solid foundation and knowledge of who I am.
Call me black now and I will smile. I am priceless in God’s own eyes; that I know.
Call me all the names you can think of, I am still me
I am still that 15 year old nigerian girl who wants to be an archcitect when she grows up.
I am still that black girl who is ready to speak her mind anytime.
I won’t cry, I won’t pout, I won’t worry, I wont ponder because I know that black is beautiful.
Shame on you if you think being black is evil or dirty or violent.
I am my father’s daughter
I am Nafisat
I am black.

Call me black and I will smile.


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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