My Trip to Olumo Rock ( 10/4/12)

It seems today is the “D day” and everyone is looking forward to the trip. We left school at 9:15 am on tuesday morning. I couldn’t be more anxious right now. Every one was busy with one thing or the other; listening to music, eating snacks and all that and I ‘m just here writing about my trip.Yeah, I ‘m weird right? Not to worry I promise to post some fun pictures soon. The sweet thing about going on excursions like this are the smooth highways you pass, you hardly coma acrosss a bumpy road. Apparently, we have been on the road for fifteen minutes. We are passing by some fascinating buildings like the Gateway Events Centre, Nigerian Compass, Business Hallmark, Jubillee House and the list goes on. Who knew of the filling station ASCON? weird… We were about forty minutes away from school and i all could lay my eyes on are vegetation, billboards and other vehicles on the road. The Redeemed Christian Church of God Youth Centre is actually look so amazing! At that moment, it was safe to say that we were not in Lagos anymore. An hour from school and we were already at “Ewusi- Ifemo” road.
And finally! we were in Abeokuta. We have passed the Moshoo Abiola Stadium, The Federal Hight Court , The Expo Park and so on. So here we are…THE OLUMO ROCK TORIST CENTRE!
(I was actually expecting something very indegenous ; but it turned out to be an exotic place like I ‘ve never seen before)   FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUR COOL PHOTOS!!!

The view of the elevator. (We took it instead  of the stairs)
Students of Fountain Heights Secondary school. ( We are awesome right?)
A friend of mine
From your left: Myself and my friend (I look weird here…oh wait, I always look weird 🙂
A closer view of the rock
From your left: Oluchi, Myslef, Mayowa, Nene, Khadijah
I called this place the cross bridge.
A Magnificent View of Abeokuta Settlement
LOOL..That’s me with a book…always wanting to write down something 🙂
These are actually my hand in the picture. This is called the WAR HIDEOUT
On the rock itself!! Yipee!!
A little trek around the rock.
A small group of friends.
In the elevator.


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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