5 Months Natural and The Journey So Far…

Hey guys!
I honestly still can’t believe I’m five months natural today. The feeling is so amazing! – It’s one month and I haven’t died!!  Just yesterday I could only recall being two weeks post big chop, though this the journey so far especially being in this TWA stage seems so monotonous and tedious. Well, that’s because I’m too eager to see more length and try various styles =)) So the main affair. I’ll be talking over my past and current regimens, brief product reviews, challenges and joys of having about two and a half inch TWA. Hell yes! My length check yesterday was shocking to me too! Now I would just dish out my past and current regimens below.
My regimen was and is still simple. As at last month, post big chop, I would co-wash my TWA with Gentelle’s Fruits Conditioner once a week. This conditioner I’m not too in love with because its moisturizing benefits are very short lived. I deep condition once weekly too with Vitale Hair Mayonnaise without heat for about 3-4 hours. Vitale was my one true love until I met Organics last week. Since my last relaxer I have been shampooing with Dudu Osun black soap by Tropical naturals. It works like a charm. I would almost mistake it for a “conditioner” if not for the fact that it made as a bar soap of course – Lol. It leaves your hair incredibly soft and at the same time gently cleanses your hair.  I moisturize one to “depending on how my hair is feeling” times daily. I do this with a water + coconut oil+ glycerin mix, and seal with an olive + castor oil mix. As for my shrinkage, it’s at its realest every morning I wake up from bed. When I look at my reflection all I see is head head head. All that TWA is gone overnight..lol. And when I decide to step out off the house, I co wash, moisturize and seal and then follow up Sazzy Hair Gel Activator. I love this product; it defines my curls pretty well and is very moisturizing because it contains natural hair- friendly ingredients.
Well, this was the routine for me as at last month until the 29th if August, just after moisturizing and sealing, my hair was beginning to feel dry. I mean- TWAs are prone to dryness but not after 2 hours of moisturizing and sealing! I was so shocked! I kept asking myself “Okay. Is this that part of your journey where you get to have a bad hair day?” I was really scared so like the curious unorthodox scientist I pretty am, *winks* I started searching for the culprit behind my dry hair. You know what they say, to get a solution, you’ve got to identify the problem. I started enumerating the possible causes. I thought product build up but then after clarifying it still felt the same way. Later on, I thought it was probably that glycerin – low humidly “ish” but in this part of the country where I am, the humidity is pretty much high. After getting rid of glycerin in my spray bottle, and applying just water and coconut oil, that still didn’t solve the problem.
I had almost instantly given up on being natural and was thinking of my relaxed hair. Damn! Almost! Now see what dry kinky hair can do to the mind? I felt so alone like an orphan praying silently to find shelter under in the cold rainy night of July. I was really praying for a miracle to just happen. Then it dawned on me that my only solution for then would be to re-moisturize and seal as much as possible if I didn’t want to end up with what feels like scouring sponge as “hair”. Then on the 4th of September, a very bright idea hit my mind and I thought to myself, “you currently have about two and a half inches of hair, why not try mini twists to retain moisture?” so I got my products, tools and eagerly-waiting fingers ready for my mini twists. After three and a half hours of twisting, I thought to myself, “This had better be worth it”
To my surprise the next day, I was wowed. My hair never felt so..(-I’m lost for words) but you know that feeling of self-satisfaction you get after going through thick and thin to achieve a goal yeah? That was it! I was almost shedding tears. But then I wanted more alternatives because getting mini twists done on a two and a half inch TWA is hard work enough. So I went on YouTube and finally came across the idea of mini puffs on a TWA. What we know in Nigeria as “puff puff” and indigenously as “ajan kolokolo.” The YouTube vlogger was like since she had a TWA and couldn’t do a pineapple or puff, she could definitely do “mini – puffs”. I tried it (15 puffs in all) that night and I felt I looked ridiculous because it is often associated as a style for kids. It made me look and feel like a child again.  I had welcomed a hairstylist who had come to make my mum’s hair that evening and I could tell from his face with all those smiles and “held-back” grins, he was “fascinated” by the hair style I was wearing. I was disgusted…urgh! 


Enough of talking about that dreadful moment. The good thing was that I “baggied” it up that night till the next morning.  And touching my hair, I could tell that was the best thing that ever happened to my hair. It totally worked! and that was the morning I said goodbye to early morning shrinkage. There are so many benefits of this style. 
1) It faster and easier to do. 
2) It stretches your TWA 
3) Retains lotta moisture really well
4) It’s suitable for all lengths 
5) well, it looks pretty cute when you wear it. 
There aren’t much cons anyway. You just SHOULDN”T leave your front door wearing that style, people would mistake you for an “over-grown baby.”
Moving unto my new regimen, I had incorporated the solution above to it. There isn’t much of a difference though. I have just discontinued the use of Gentelle’s Fruits conditioner. Remember I told you how that product isn’t really my thing. I simply co wash with my own homemade conditioner of a water-diluted banana + avocado + olive oil + glycerin mix twice a week. I now deep condition with Organics by Africa’s best Hair Mayonnaise. This product is so super duper wonderful! I still clarify with Dudu Osun. The only change is that I now do it once in two weeks. I realize my TWA harbors build ups easily. I still moisturize depending on how my hair is feeling with my water +coconut oil + glycerin mix and seal with cold- compressed Castor oil + extra virgin olive oil (evoo) mix or simply use my whipped Shea butter (coconut oil and olive oil included).  My hair is most of the time in mini puffs 😀 I also massage my hairline twice a week with castor oil. I would also try a bi-weekly hot oil treatment, monthly scalp scrub and possibly steaming. I promise I would dish out the results, pros and cons later on.
               Well, as a matter of fact, as happy as I might be with these results, my quest for softer and more- moisturized hair hasn’t ended. I must say, it has just begun. Till then…ciao!

About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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6 Responses to 5 Months Natural and The Journey So Far…

  1. raybekah says:

    Lol I currently do mini twists on my hair as a protective style until wash day which is on Thursday. My hair is two months, a week and 6 days (lol I’m counting). Those mini twists can be tiring because once I spritz my hair with water or my leave in conditioner, my twists loosen so I have to re-twist (price you pay for curly hair).
    I’d try these puffs (ajan kolokolo lool!) soon.
    I currently use the Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise and it works well and fair, not planning on changing it anytime soon because I have the product junkie symptoms lol.
    You said you leave the hair mayo for 3-4 hours? Why? I leave it for just 15 minutes tops.


  2. nafisah says:

    Hahaha..Thanks for sharing your thoughts. About the puffs, they are just very quick and easy ways for stretching your hair. VItale hair mayo is a great protein conditoner too, I only changed it because Organics hair mayo did a better job. Since this is an old hair update, I’d say I used to leave in for about 3 hours without heat but nowadays I leave-in for an hour or so. Thanks for stopping by Raybekah


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am really inspired with this lilttle article write up, thanks gurlie.. Keep the work going.


  4. nafisah says:

    Thank you!!


  5. Mcbeechee says:

    I just got hold of this site, and since my hair is still in the TWA stage, I guess I’ll be following the tips you lay here.
    Just so you know you’re controlling some nigress’ hair somewhere. Loool
    Nice post


  6. nafisah says:

    Lol…thank you. And I hope you enjoy reading from me!


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