Do-It-Yourself Ankara and Satin Inspired Headbands!


 Hi people! 

You know, once in a while, when life gives you lemons, you’ve got to make lemonades. So I urge to you to make use of this opportunity and let your inner creativity take charge. Make these Do-It-Yourself headbands and you can say goodbye to spending money on hair accessories! So here’s the drill…
Needed Materials:
1)    Ankara fabric pieces
2)    Satin fabric pieces
3)    Needle and Thread
4)    Cotton balls (optional)
5)    Buttons (optional)
6)    Hot glue
7)    Black tape ( replacement for hot glue)
8)    Felt fabric piece
9)    Scissors or blade
Headbands or any elastic fabric
Creativity 😀

  Difficulty: 2/5 – It’s pretty much easy to make.
  Duration: Roughly 20-30 minutes.       
·        *Cut out two circles about 12Cm out of your Ankara fabric with a pair of scissors.

·        *You may try different sizes for a more appealing look.
·        *Ensure the wrong side of the fabric is facing you. Fold the edges of the circle inwards and make running stitches on them as you fold.

·        *Your floral Ankara should look like this (a gathered bag) when you have sewn all edges.

·        *Now pull both ends of the thread tight to the center of the flower and secure it with a knot.

·        *Hide unnecessary thread into the little space
*   * Flatten the flower like this.

*           *Do as you have done to the other fabric and satin fabric.

·        *You may decorate your flower by adding Ankara and Satin – covered cotton balls, beads or buttons
·        Wrap your cotton ball neatly into a little piece of Ankara fabric and secure with glue or simply place your bead on the flower. Also, secure with hot glue.

·        Now, secure the three pieces of flowers together with hot glue
·        Then cut out a piece of felt and attach the 3-in-1 flower design to the felt. Cut out excess felt and trim the edges neatly.

To attach flowers to the headband, flip your arrangement over so that the felt side is up and apply a generous line of hot glue to the back. Then press the band into the glue. Then cut out a narrow rectangle of the felt and glue it down on top of the band. This way, there is no way that band will fall off.

There you have it. You own handmade Ankara and Satin inspired headband!! Enjoy!!!
More Tips and Warning:
·        You can get your Ankara from used clothes, your Satin and Felt from old shoe bags.
·        Have fun making this head band, try and experiment with different sizes, fabrics and beads for more dramatic looks.

·        Be careful with the scissors, blade and hot glue.


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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6 Responses to Do-It-Yourself Ankara and Satin Inspired Headbands!

  1. Looks cute! I really only wear metal headbands to ensure a snug fit and no friction frizz, but I like these! Well done.


  2. Nice concept here.Kee it up!


  3. nafisah says:

    Thank You!


  4. Anonymous says:


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