Make Your Homemade Whipped Shea Butter Today.

Hi guys!

            Today, I’ll be showing you how I make my own whipped Shea butter at home. It’s quite simple and easy to do. Whipped Shea butter gives easier application of Shea butter on skin and hair plus that soft, fluffy and yummy look makes it even more appealing to the eyes. I personally use Shea butter to seal my ends. I alternate it with my Olive and Castor oil mix. But as we approach the dryer months here on this side of the country, I’ll be using more of my whipped Shea butter to lock in more moisture. Anyhoo, here’s how to make your own whipped Shea butter.
Things you’ll need:
Shea Butter of course =))
Olive oil (any natural oil would do)
Vegetable glycerin (humectant to absorb moisture)


Container with air-tight lid
Popsicle stick
Mixer or fork
Piping bag / freezer bag
To start simply cut off a desirable amount of Shea butter with a Popsicle stick into a metal bowl.


Now heat up the bowl until the butter starts to melt. Turn off heat immediately. Then add 3 table spoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of glycerin. Mash the mixture with a Popsicle stick. Beat briefly with a fork or mixer until a clear oily mixture is attained.


Set aside the mixture or refrigerate until it becomes creamy.


Beat the mixture with a fork or a mixer until a whipped- cream like consistency is achieved.



Transfer the whipped butter to a piping bag or simply get your freezer bag and make cut on a corner. Now pipe the whipped butter into an empty container.

Ugh!!! I guess I’m all that when it comes to piping…*shrugs and pipes again*

               So there you have you whipped Shea butter…Until next time! Ciao!


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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One Response to Make Your Homemade Whipped Shea Butter Today.

  1. mzgloire says:

    How about putting everything in a food mixer or even a blender?


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