LATE HAIR UPDATE: 3 Weeks old box braids and the takedown..

First and foremost, this is an extremely late post. Reason being that I have been having issues transfering my Pictures from my Nokia phone to my laptop. Anyways that problem has been solved now. So on to the issue at hand.


Few minutes before takedown

So here we have what looks like a a big head surrounded by medium sized box braids. Did I hear someone say yeah? Lol.. Well I had these braids installed on the 17th of December; I made them at this well known salon in Lagos at their Yaba branch. The reception I received and their work was fairly okay and quite bad for a well known salon in Lagos. I felt like I had just dumped my hair at the mercy of the hair stylists again! It was a mini horror movie for me as I was constantly begging them to spray some water whenever it gets too dry to handle ( I didn’t prep my hair before hand *sighs*) . They insisted that I blow dry it and I refused…I had to at least; who knows the name a popular movie villain they’d become as soon  as they lay their fingers on the dryer? But all in all the braids came out well; I guess that’s the only area I get to commend them.

So I had them on for three weeks. My basic maintenance routine was quite simply. Spritzing with a water and glycerin mix about three times a week and sealing every week. I really got lazy when it came down to protecting the hair at night X_X. I really feel awful about that and somewhat wish I could have protected it better. All the same, I actually enjoyed this period of break I had; it was more like a break from the daily moisturizing, sealing, and styling and all. My basic style was a bun both indoors and outdoors. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the thought of wearing the braids down sort of irritated me all the time. I guess it’s simply because I’m now used to wearing short hair.

On to the take down. I simply got my self a very cheapie not so bad conditioner- topklass. It’s got a lot of slip. It really worked it’s magic as I slathered some on my parted braids.I used this basically to ease the takedown process and to detangle after takedown. The process didn’t feel like a chore as I undid them while watching Africa’s next top model. I started off by cutting the braids at the point where there’s only one inch of extension below my real hair, after that was done, I parted the braids in to four and added generous amount of conditioner to each section; one section at a time. And then, I patiently undid and finger detangled each braid. I twisted up my detangled hair to avoid getting it tangled again. I must say, that I noticed some growth in just 3 weeks and I was quite happy with that. After twisting up all my hair, I untwisted and and further detangled with a wide tooth comb to get rid of any shed hair left then I parted my hair into six puffs ready for my wash.

Topklass !.7 litres or so.

Topklass  Instant conditioner


Twisted hair after takedown.

Side view of further-detangles hair (8 puff)

Side view of further-detangles hair (8 puffs)

Back view

Back view

After washing, this was what my hair looked like.

WP_20140105_073 WP_20140105_074It was feeling very so soft and moisturized that I felt I had to give myself a pat in the back. After letting the hair air dry, I proceeded to moisturizing and sealing all that good stuff. I dampened my hair with Boots traditional skincare Glycerin and Rosewater (review in a bit 🙂 ), then moisturized with Organics tea tree oil dual conditioner (I tell you, this product does wonders for my hair) and I sealed with Shea butter. I put my hair in six puffs immediately after the wash.

SO after this.  I would be braiding/ twisting up my hair for about two weeks  before proceeding to try out the inversion method theory with loose hair. I’m super excited! I hope to welcome you all into the month of February (My month : D) with my inversion method results. Stay tuned!

Moisturised hair in 6 puffs

Moisturised hair in 6 puffs

Love from me


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I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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5 Responses to LATE HAIR UPDATE: 3 Weeks old box braids and the takedown..

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  2. BlackZulu says:

    I’m just soooo in love with the thickness of your hair *sigh* 🙂


  3. raybekah says:

    Your hair is pretty, I just want to play with it.


  4. nafisah says:

    Lol..thank you Raybekah


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