How Google helped in correcting my faulty Lumia 920!

I make use of 5 tools to blog.

1)      My laptop

2)      Internet connection (Ofcourse)

3)      Nokia Lumia 920 (For goofing around taking visuals)Image

4)      Lomogram ( Nokia App for editing)

5)      Fotor ( Nokia and Windows app for editing)

As at the very last week of 2013, I was supposed to end my 2013 blogging session with this post but I was unable to due to the simple fact that tool No. 3 was unavailable!


Well, one evening, I picked up my phone and USB cord to transfer some pictures I needed for my blog and suddenly I felt like I was having a terrible Nightmare. My phone had suddenly blacked out! I followed my basic human instincts. I thought I had had a flat battery, so I plugged it in…Waited for some seconds ( This short while, I was thinking the devil was probably testing my patience) so I waited for further minutes; No, this was no devil at work. Thinking my charger was faulty, I tried connecting it to my laptop hoping that it would pickup right on contact..Still, it didn’t budge. I tried all four keys on the phone. Nah! Didn’t work. Then I realized; this was real. I didn’t panic until the 2nd day. I told my sister about this. She insisted we waited for a while before taking it for repairs. I didn’t really like the idea for taking it out for repairs. A week had gone by until I finally made a decision to try an alternative. I decided I was going to contact a better repair man who was only a click away…Google.

Did you find anything that seemed to help?


So I went on Google and googled the exact phrase “Nokia Lumia 920 black screen” and there came different streams of websites mostly online forums and threads. I seemed like this was a general problem for most Nokia Lumia users. That was quite a relief because I kept wondering the cause of the blackout. So I read further down the forums. I came across different funny solutions, I tried them but they didn’t work. Then I tried a particular solution that got a desirable number of thanks. I read that I was supposed to hold down the “Volume down” and the “Power” keys; that my phone should be powered on immediately. I tried this, and to my greatest relief, It worked! It absolutely worked! Unknowingly to me, I was apparently performing a “Soft Reset Operation” on my phone. Whereas, if I had taken it for repairs, they would slammed a huge price on my face even my monthly allowance wouldn’t be able to cover!

So what’s your point exactly?

Well, my point it is ( My fellow Nigerians should understand this one) Don’t go looking for something inside your “Sokoto” (Yoruba word for trousers/pants) at “Sokoto”  (A state in Northern Nigeria). That means, don’t go looking for something far away without searching around you first! So, that’s it! That’s how Google corrected my faulty phone and saved me some extra cash! So, you would not recommend this device to anyone? Ofcourse not! I would recommend this device to anyone, any day, anytime. This is only a minor issue Lumia phones have. I really love this phone and I want it to sell. I just hope this black out issue gets fixed soon. Go Lumia 920! Lol..I can’t  live without my Nokia Lumia.

Tech advice

There’s no such thing as the perfect smartphone.
Love from me


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I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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