Natural Hair Remarks I Have Gotten Since I Went Natural

1) Why did you cut your hair?

So this question is obviously the first that pops open from anyone’s mouth once they get to see your new look. My reaction to this question was just neutral. My reply? ”I just felt like it” ”I wanted a new look” ”Its about time I stopped using a relaxer” were my most common replies. I always made sure to keep my replies short and simple because I didn’t really want to dive into all those ”Why natural hair rules” lectures with anyone at least for now.

2) ”What happened?!”

Lol…the funniest thing about this kind of remark is that I got it mainly from the guys and worst part of it was that they gave you this… blank,confused, lost and concerned look which could threaten or put to an abrupt stop your natural hair journey if you are that ”chickeny” kind of person. Lol..wait a second,what were they thinking happened? I was diagnosed with cancer? or I had a major injury on my scalp? Coz seriously? I don’t get the basis or origin of that question.My reaction? You could tell I was amused wasn’t I? And I was shocked to my toes. My replies? I always started out with a clearly-audible ‘Nothing happened’ to remove that look from their faces and then I gave same reasons I had given in question 1.

3) ”I actually fits you/ I like your new look”

I’m categorizing both type of questions as one since the person(s) was talking about mainly on my look with that type of hair. I feel very appreciated when I hear positive comments like this. I simply reply with a huge smile and a soft ‘Thank you’.

4) ”So what is this one called?”

Ugh…Dear Mr. course-mate/ sit partner, Just so you know there are way better ways to ask a simple question on my hairstyle of choice without being totally rude about it. To crown all my disgust up, I didn’t even know him from Adam; We just happened to be sitting for an examination for the same course and he happened to be my sit partner. When this question just spilled out of his mouth, I really tried to be polite. Trust me, I really did but I all I could come up with was a straight face and the reply ”Twist-out. It’s a called a twist-ou!t” Almost with a ”What? Can’t you see it’s a twist-out” look on my face. Well, not I could blame him or anything coz with about 2.5 inches of hair then, you could have mistaken my twist-out for dreadlocks. I guess I separated the curls too much and it turned out a bit frizzy. But common natural hair isn’t natural hair with a little bit of frizz, right?

5) ”Your hair is growing”

In my mind, I’m like ”Yeah well, duh! It had been growing since like forever, I just hadn’t taken any time to realise that in the past.” On the outside, I just let out a smile and respond positively with a nod. I don’t add a ”thank you”. It isn’t a compliment; It”s just a basic fact. HAIR GROWS. It’s the TRUTH and that’s BASIC enough.

6) ”So you are not going to relax you hair?”

Often times, this question has found it’s way out of the mouth of those ignorant hairdressers who claim to know all about having ”long and fine” hair…They believe they naturally coily curly kinky hair is a problem and needs to be fixed. And the only way out was with a relaxer. I don’t get surprised at all when I hear this; I just let out a simple ”No.”

7) ”Your hair is very full”

N.B- Full; (Nigerians’ substituted word/meaning for highly-dense hair)

I have highly dense natural hair. Yup! It can be a challenge but you know what? I like that way. I’m not too sure don’t whether these people see it as a good thing or a bad thing. But I believe in Nigeria, ladies always envy other ladies with ”full” hair. Even while I was relaxed, my hair had always been quite full dense so It wasn’t much of a surprise to have ended up with dense natural hair. I took this as a compliment and I always laughed when whenever someone mentioned it. Their facial expression humoured me lot too.

8) ”Trim it as it grows, this length suits you”

This came from an old school mate of mine. She was so happy and supportive of my hairstyling choice. These were exactly her words. . I thought to myself..”Woah woah slow down..Nobody is getting stucked at this length with you, Am growing the hell out if this one okay” Lol..really that was how I felt when she said so. I had to tell her that I’m officially growing it out to a certain length and 4 inches of hair gathered up in barely-ponytai…puff  ISN’T MY CERTAIN LENGTH.

9) ”Don’t you get tired?/Doesn’t it pain you?”

Both categories of question come form my mom whenever she sees me up with my hair care routines. At the start of my hair journey, she was all up on my neck with all these series of questions. My mum isn’t my biggest fan but she certainly doesn’t feel so concerned any more as before. I believe she’s finally gotten used to my me the look on her face is very much similar to that on guys’ faces when they bring up question 2. I always laugh out loud and assure her It doesn’t hurt a bit but can be tiring.

10) ”Why didn’t you comb your hair?”

Err….Dear Miss/Mrs. NSCDC security officer, I could sue you for that question you know? I’m trying to achieve awesome curls with my extremely coily hair and you all up on my matter asking me why I didn’t use a comb on my hair. It’s as good as asking all those university campus girls to comb their bohemian curls and the likes. That’s the nature of the style Ma’am- to be curly coily or kinky! I was extremely disappointed to the brink I can’t even remember the reply I gave her.

Love from me


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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13 Responses to Natural Hair Remarks I Have Gotten Since I Went Natural

  1. Bahahahaha!
    My mom hasn’t stopped with “Won’t You Comb Your hair?” Now she’s a little more subtle telling my friend to tell her friend to comb her hair.

    On random days I’m leaving the house with almost nothing and the gateman goes “You’re going to make your hair?” Then I look at him very well and ask “Do you want me to make my hair?” And then he says no. Lol

    Or my dad saying if you really want to go natural, why don’t you keep it short? :s LoL yes dad because this one is unnatural. He just doesn’t like long hair.


    • nafisah says:

      Loool..Talk about natural hair starting up conversations. But seriously that popular why didn’t you comb your hair can be nerve wrecking!


  2. Bella Mayei says:

    This really got me ROTFL!
    I can totally relate to 1 and 2 LOL


  3. BlackZulu says:

    Gurllllllllllllllllllllll. I can so relate to the “Why don’t you comb ur hair?”! I say, “Excuse YOU? It took TIME and much doing for me to get my hair like this!” Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! I have stopped answering negative comments. I smile sweetly and keep on about my business.
    Very pretty photo btw 😉


  4. nafisah says:

    Lol…thanks. You say all that??! I woudn’t blame you now, would I? They just don’t get it…at all


  5. raybekah says:

    Haha! My dear I can relate to 1,2,3,5,6 and 10.
    “Why did you cut your hair?” Excuse me it’s my hair and I can choose to cut it or braid it or do whatsoever. People need to stop making your hair their business. I just reply “okay” to any negative comment I get regarding my hair.


  6. Lmao!!! Number 10 is still following me about! I am like no I don’t! Tah go away! My mum is forever asking me to comb it so people can see the length!! And I had one girl scrunch her face and go “sooo you don’t comb it” 😀😀😀😃


  7. Anonymous says:

    u such an inspiratn. u made me smile, giggle n laff, while u kept me also better informed bout this natural hair thingy. although i ddnt av plans to grow my hair all long, just want to njoy d freedom of my twa, buh wif many other natural hair stories v come across of late plus urs, m beginnin to av a change of mind. Gud work u doin, u make being a teen so desirable again.


  8. nafisah says:

    Awwn…I don’t even know what ot say! thanks. this means alot!


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