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Hello world!

After about 5 weeks of wearing my box braids, I took them down on the first week of july. I wore my famous afro puff on the second week and went for stretched twist-outs on the third week. Then I attempted a wash and go for the first time since January. it lasted for a whole week; I was highly impressed by the look after 5 days. I used Natural Nigerian Moisture and Shine de-tangling conditioner and Jack 5 activator gel. Reviews in a bit. Check out the detailed post here. And now, I’m going to end the month in medium sized twist which I would be wearing for two weeks before installing my crotchet braids!! Yes! finally!!

Earlier this month, I conducted a length check and here are the results.


JULY 2014 LENGTH CHECK- 6 inches

My previous length check was conducted in April 2014. I had about 5 inches them and after 3 months, I managed to retain 1 inch to a little over it. Growth rate isn’t my problem at all because in the past year since I big chopped, I have  had two trims on two different occasions and ended up with 5 inches after a year. I believe the problem lies in retaining length. So I would be cutting down on wearing afro puffs and comb handling my hair while wearing more protective styles to retain more hair.

Another issue is my nape hair. My nape hair is the least dense and finest part of my hair yet it is very easy to de-tangle. I often underestimate how fine and fragile they are so I tend to de-tangle this part of my hair less gentle than other parts which has resulted in noticeable breakage. Anyhoo, I would be giving this part some more TLC than usual. Right now they are in about 5 box braids braided together with the ends tucked away.

Nape Hair in box braids neatly tucked away

Nape Hair in box braids neatly tucked away

Speaking of ends, my ends are in bad shape. They are long over due. Begging to be trimmed. I hope to trim them off when I take down my crotchet braids in September. By the way my last trim was in November.*sighs and covers face in shame*

Banded hair showing rough ends

Banded hair showing rough ends


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I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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3 Responses to HAIR UPDATE: July

  1. I have crochet braids in as I’m typing this.
    I’m taking them out this month, though (they’re taking forever to get messy (and I want them to get messy before I take them down)).
    I protective style for four months straight now. It’s crazy!
    I got crochet braids in August ’13 and took them down in December, redid them at the end of December and took them down in April, redid them at the end of April and I’m taking them down any day soon.
    I have a lot of new growth under them. Who knows? I might be at BSL now 😉

    I’ve grown my nape hair out so if you want tips on how I did that, check out my blog (I blogged about it a couple of months ago).

    Also, I really like your hair! You have such a lovely curl pattern and you’re retaining length really well which is pretty amazing. 🙂


    • nafisah says:

      Are you kidding me? Four months straight? What type of extension do you use by the way? I would have probably died of boredom by then! I would most definitely check out the tips on you blog pretty soon. Thanks!


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