8 Common Hair Practices My Hair Just Can’t Handle!

Hey world! Goodness its been a long time since I have been here. To you all that have been awaiting new posts. My apologies. Life got the better of me and it aint gonna do it no more lol. I am sharing this 8 common hair practices my hair personally doesn’t roll with..so to speak. misc-jackie-chan-l


8) The Green house effect method, A.K.A GHE method:

A lot of naturals swear by this method for faster growth rate. I used to do this during my TWA days; well not for faster growth but to maintain moisture levels in my hair. Now when I GHE, the result is always this mushy hair with a kind of ‘’rain fell on relaxed hair’’ smell to it. That’s not something I want to constantly do to my hair.

7) Co-washing:

Yes. You read right. Conditioner-washing. That’s the best thing that ever happened to hair right? Yeah. Well for my relaxed hair but not my natural hair. For a lazy natural who chooses to wash her tresses bi-weekly due to laziness obviously and time, the last thing she wants to do is to incorporate a bi-weekly co- wash to it. Not going to happen again except am wearing a protective style. The end result was mushy,super soft and a kind of oily mess. So I will settle for my  bi-weekly routine with black soap.

8) Using Gel to define my out styles (braid out, twist out, Bantu knot out):

No..this is the devil. I cannot bear the thought of doing this again. Maybe I don’t do it right, Maybe I get heavy handed, Maybe it’s the gel. I am not sure. It is definitely going to take a lot of convincing to try ecostyler gel on my out styles again. My point is the styles feel way better and softer with creamy curl definers than with gels. With the gel, its like I just have some sort of hardened mess on my head.

5) Tea Rinses:

There was a time during my natural hair journey when the whole naturalista thing was shacking me. I wanted to try out all the rinses in the world. I tried the beer rinse. I love it. Then I tried the black tea rinse. After the whole process, I rinsed and blotted off excess water . Then bam! I felt my hair. I felt so super stiff and hard.. Like I had just loaded a 1litre bottle of Topklass shampoo on my hair . No exaggerations here. I doubt I will ever try a black tea rinse ever again.

4) The LOC method and Its Many Variations:

LOC, LCO, LOCS, LOCO, you name it. Isnt this too much product layering for one coily head of hair? Lol. It even got so bad oil had to be layered again in the LOCO method. Aint nobody got time for that. Jokes aside. Honestly from my own point of view: there is no difference between using any of this methods and applying good ol’ water and shea butter aside the fact that my hair gets unnecessarily oily and it is so time-consuming to layer one product after the other. Mind you… even after all the LOCs and LOCOs, my hair still loses the ‘’oh so soft and well moisturised’’ feeling after 2 to 3 days just the way it would if I applied water and shea butter.

3) Prepoo A.K.A Pre Shampoo:

Now this is what I call wastage of time! I just don’t get the point of this process. I have done this a couple of times and not on one occasion have I gone‘’ Woow, how soft and shiny my hair is!’’ after shampooing. Black soap doesn’t strip my hair at all . Sometimes I feel like I still need to lather again. So why prepoo? Like they say, ‘’if it aint broke, don’t fix it’’

2) Daily Moisturizing and Sealing:

This may have worked pretty well during my TWA days but not anymore. If I try to do this just because *insert a famous natural hair blogger here* has emphasized so much on it, It just leaves my hair feeling so limp, mushy and oily. This is called over-moisturizing, it’s a No no no!

1) Applying light weight oils to fine strands:
Absolutely not. This is something I cannot do evurrr….again. I have fine strands and after experimenting with light oils like coconut and olive oil to seal, I realised my hair dried out much more quickly than it would if I sealed with shea butter. My hair has gotten to know and love shea butter right from my transitioning days till now. I can’t imagine my hair care routine without shea butter. It locks in moisture, defines my out styles and rod sets, detangles my hair and my goodness! That sheen it leaves my hair with… My point is I cannot go wrong with shea butter. They do no harm to my fine strands.

Can you relate to any of them? How did you handle it? Let me know. Thanks!

 Until next time!

About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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7 Responses to 8 Common Hair Practices My Hair Just Can’t Handle!

  1. curlycandace says:

    Reblogged this on Unenchantedbeauty.


  2. As someone who washes every two weeks, of course, co-washing is not meant for you.

    I don’t think there are any hard & fast hair rules that apply to everybody. When I started out my journey, I desperately needed to moisturise and seal every day, and still refresh once or twice during the day. But now that I have figured out how best to moisturise my hair, I moisturise and seal like once a week, but I may spritz with water to refresh every two or three days.

    Since I started using sulfate free shampoos, I have not needed to pre-poo. And about #1, I’m in complete agreement with you. Fine hair can be weighed down by heavy stuff, but I think the exception to this rule is having fine strands AND high density. Going light with anything does not work for me. I’ve tried using Grapeseed oil and as much as I love it for my skin, it isn’t great for my thick head. I have very fine strands. If I had low density or scanty hair then, light oils would probably make sense.


    • nafisah says:

      You are absolutely right.. i havent actually thought of high density contributing to this fact; I was just so up on the fact that I had fine hair but it wasnt so in love with lightproducts..


  3. lol, i love your list!
    I also admit, i just find the GHE too cumbersome, even though my hair is relaxed. It is just too much work, keeping all that heat trapped in my head overnight. It is just too uncomfortable

    Yinka A.


  4. BlackZulu says:

    Girl, your list just cracked me up! haha.
    Truthfully, there is no hard or fast way to take care of your hair. I’ve tried many of the things on your list but once I learnt my hair, I didn’t need many of them. Its all about learning what works best for your hair. My wash day has been cut right down to either a clay wash or shampoo followed by a deep conditioner. BAM. That’s it! I own my hair, my hair doesn’t own me 🙂
    Happy 2015, hun x


  5. nafisah says:

    Lol.. you are most definitely right. wash day doesnt get more for me than that. Wash then deep conditioner then detangle. Happy 2015 as welll


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