Product Review: Paul Mitchell, The Conditioner.

I got this 32 fluid ounce bottle for N1000; that’s about $5 at a beauty store here in Lagos.WP_20150106_026

Top Ingredients:
Water: The ultimate moisturizer.
Stearyl and cetyl alcohol: fatty acids that serves as emusifiers that alter the consistency of products, they also help give the feeling of softness in hair.
Glycerin: A good humectant that helps trap in moisture longer.
‘Awaphui’ White Ginger Extract: Excellent for softening and bringing shininess to hair.
Chamomile Extract: For soothing hair and scalp.

Product Description:
A special leave-in formula that absorbs into hair to nourish and protect it from daily wear and tear of daily styling. Excellent for conditioning, shaving and moisturizing the skin.
First Impressions:WP_20150106_002_Fotor_Collage
A big white bottle that comes with a ‘touch to open’ mechanism.

It has this very light, ‘almost odourless’ woody, herbal scent that goes away after the first application on hair. I cant really pinpoint it but it seems like something that might have been gotten from a combination different herbs (talk about the white ginger thing)

It’s a has a light blue colour with a fairly thick, gel-like consistency like that of aveeno facial moisturizers. This bluish colour thing makes it seem like its been packed with nothing but those hard to pronounce chemicals but looking at the ingredients its far from that.

It feels creamy and it takes just a couple of seconds to absorb on your skin and hair. that’s just something I love about this leave ins.

Extremely moisturizing
The perfect moisturizer for those with oily skin like me! Yipee!
It mixes well with other products (gel, hair butter, leave- ins)
‘Touch to open’ mechanism dispenses just the right amount of product
Can be used as a daily moisturizer due to its light formula
A little goes a long way
Very affordable price for a 32oz bottle
Its absorbs so easily
Not so much of bad chemicals in it; no silicones.
The woody-herbal smell!
The blue colour
Contains parabens for those who are into only au naturale productsWP_20140227_111_Fotor_Collage

WP_20140422_040Final verdict:
This stuff does exactly what it says; nourishes and protects. I apply it to my hair and I can tell it actually penetrates my hair. As per it give the hair moisture that actually stays for days. I seal with shea butter and there’s this very lovely shine on my hair. I have mixed it with different products and it still works just as great. I’m definitely planning on buying this again as I have run out of the big bottle plus it’s a perfect moisturizer for my extremely oily face. I really like this product a lot; I would have said love but that smell….sigh By the way, this product has been discontinued because there’s a new formula and design whose ingredients list isn’t as ‘natural hair loving’ as this one. 


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