Top Reasons Why I Love Headwraps!!!

Ever since my natural hair journey was set in motion. I have always learned to appreciate the essence of scarves and head wraps. I looove headwraps a lot! No let me put it this way, I have gracefully worn head wraps more times in my journey than I have worn twist-outs.  Yeah. I’m that in love with them. So here, I will be sharing my top 6 maybe 7 reasons why I love headwraps. (I’m not sure about the numbers, because I’m just going to write them down as they pop up in my head)


1)  They are my number one protective style:

I’m not the ‘protective styling with braids, weaves and wigs’ kind of naturalista. I hardly do that. I love exposing and showcasing my natural hair to the fullest. Yeah I sometimes get bored. And when that finally happens and I think of getting weave, I’m missing my hair already. The only way I trick myself… (lol..So to speak) to get the style to last 4 weeks is to promise myself a reward after a successful 4 week to 6 weeks protection.. And when all else fails, I wrap my hair! For someone like me that can hardly keep a style in for barely 3 weeks,  I believe head wraps are major blessings in my natural hair journey. I can go as long as wrapping my hair for 2 consecutive weeks. But then of course I’m still making sure I’m moisturizing the hair beneath and I’m allowing it to breathe.


2)They take care of those bad hair days.

There are some days when I was just too busy/too tired to retwist or ponytail that twist out/ put on the bonnet/scarf the night before and the next morning, I’m like ”I wish had *inserts bedtime twist out routine here* ” Anyways, instead of drowning in the river of regret, I put on a headwrap depending on the outfit I’m wearing and I’m good to go. And there cases when the bantu knot has refused to dry overnight or I over fluffed the twist outs and turns out looking like a combed out fro. Whatever the case maybe, Wrapping really saves so many amounts of frustration and time.


3) They look so chic and effortlessly done. 

This really not much I can say about this. A lot of people on the internet are living testimonies that headwraps look chic and fabulously if styled right. Right?


4) It takes me less than 10 minutes to wrap.

I’m a very lazy natural so you can’t blame me if I say this is probably the coolest reason why I love wearing headwraps. They are very easy to style in 10 minutes or less! This is probably about half the amount of time it takes to take down (pun intended…Lol) and fluff medium sized twist outs (Am I right or Am I right?)


5) They come in different colours, lengths and textures

This is another good reason to say yes to headwraps. They come in different varieties. From Cashmere to Satin to Velvet to Chiffon to Lycra to Cotton to Lace to Velvet to Leather…man, the possibilities are endless. I freakishly love wearing mainly satin, cashmere, cotton and chiffon.  One minute I’m rocking Ankara, the next minute, I’m rocking chiffon. The feeling is awesome. I order most of these scarves and headwraps from Aliexpress for $1 or less. (Plus free shipping and delivery within 2 weeks!) It’s amazing.


6) They balance out your over all look.

There’s always this look of perfection when an all dark outfit is brightened up with a brightly coloured or boldly- patterned headwrap / a bright-coloured or patterned outfit is toned down with a dark headwrap.  Yeah. The headwraps are always there to balance out your outfit.


7) They come in handy on days when I don’t really want so much attention.

To be honest, there are some days when I just don’t want to be seen as the dark curvy girl with the afro; Some days when I don’t have to worry if the bantu knot out turned out well/ my afro hasn’t shrunken up to my ears/ the curls on the twist outs are is intact; some days when I just don’t want to stand out but mix with the crowd. Yeah…a neutral -coloured turban/ pashmina can help with that.


So How often do you rock headwraps? Chime in! 


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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8 Responses to Top Reasons Why I Love Headwraps!!!

  1. Headwraps rock!
    Love yours, especially the one above Reason #3.


  2. I’m clumsy when it comes to headwraps(are bows included?) but I love them


    • nafisah says:

      Lool…bows.. I consider headwraps to be anything safe u can wrap ur hair with to protect and accessorize. So Maybe not.


  3. KinkCHIC says:

    Lol…headwraps? I only try them out when my hair’s in braids or twists.. Apart from that..i think i am so scared of headwraps because they reduce the size of my hair.. *you know what i mean*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dyu do that? I’d like to get some too

    Liked by 1 person

    • nafisah says:

      Most aliexpress stores ship to Nigeria. Some offer frees shipping. I only shop from stores that offer free shipping. And product usually arrive a week to 4 weeks after ordering. They arrive at the post office nearest to the address u input when u register.


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