2 Years Natural Hair Anniversary!! feat. My Length Check, Short Term Hair Goals and A little Hair Secret.

coily head fo hair 2 years of growth   As some of you know, I have a milestone countdown on the right side of my blog where I have been counting down to my 2nd year natural hair anniversary. Yay! I’m officially two years natural! *drum roll* Well I was officially two years natural two weeks ago on the 6th of April 2015. This simply means it’s been two years since I had my last relaxer.

I would like to clarify some things about my hair journey just to avoid confusion.

”It is waaaaaay too time consuming to say ”I big chopped in august 2013 but I’m 1 year and 8 months natural.” I just don’t get the logic!”

Personally, I think the day you become fully natural is the day you had your last relaxer because it is that very day a new natural hair (roots) begins to grow again without the touch of a relaxer on it; it is your last application of a chemical straightener to your hair. To me that day is the most important date in your natural hair journey just as your big chop date is important. The day you big chop is merely the date you decide to let go off the relaxed part of your hair. It doesn’t get more for me than that.

Anyways, back to the main topic of discussion, my 2nd natural hair anniversary. I’m really super duper excited and I’m so proud of myself for having gone this far. The feeling is overwhelming and I can’t over emphasize how fulfilled I feel. To be honest with you guys, I have learnt a lot!!!!! through out these 2 years of growing out my hair ( Next post hint y’all). One important thing this journey has taught me is that,

”Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything”

I once conceived a thought back in 2013 when I wanted to go natural that my going natural is just a phase and it will pass because I’m only going to grow it out for a year and afterwards I’ll relax it. But then, after my big chop, I fell so genuinely in love with my hair. Even with the clouds of doubts and insecurities that weighed on my mind, I was sure of one thing. The love and obsession I had with my TWA. At that point, I knew I wanted nothing more than to allow my hair grow and flush in its natural state.

April 2015 Length Check:

So I conducted a length check on the very day I turned 2 years natural. I have an average length of 9 inches. The front section is right about 9 inches, ear area (mid section) is a little over 9 inches and the nape region is about 8.5 inches. The hair at my nape region is very fine. This means that things like relaxer, chemical dyes, thermal straightener are not for me. I still need to give that section more TLC if I plan to color or flat iron it. So all in all, I have been able to retain 4 inches. Considering the fact that i gave myself a one inch trim back in December 2014, I think this is good progress.

My Short Term Hair Goals:

1) Color my hair:

I have been dying to get a dye job since forever lol (no pun intended)…I believe it’s right about time.

2) Try a mud wash:

I have had this bentonite clay chilling somewhere in a box unused for months now…Enough said.

3) Let  a professional handle my hair:

I’m really supper excited about this one. It’s right about time. I need my hair to be pampered! Guys, please chime in, I need good recommendations in Lagos.

4)Experiment with more styles:

I’m in this hair situation where I feel like my hair is getting too bored of  my go-to puffs and chunky twists outs. So i’ll be experimenting more with roll and tucks, pompadours, updos, low and high buns and flat twists.

5) Straighten my hair:

This WAS a short term goal but it’s no more on the list. I really don’t need this. I just want it. But alot of circumstances are clashing with my want. I just straightened my hair in December, plus rainy season is here already. i just don’t want to screw this up so I’ll chill till august there about.

My Little Hair Secret:

I have always admired and wanted really dark (black) natural hair. If I notice you have very dark hair (relaxed/natural) I automatically fall in love with you and then begin to stalk you…lol ..You can’t really blame me. I have dark brown hair. ( color 1b ) Don’t allow those selfies deceive you..lol

This is what I’m talking about. Untouched selfie without effects..lol (first pic only)

Taken with Lumia Selfie

WP_20150407_12_42_46_Selfie(3) WP_20150406_16_47_48_Selfie WP_20150408_14_15_31_Selfie


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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11 Responses to 2 Years Natural Hair Anniversary!! feat. My Length Check, Short Term Hair Goals and A little Hair Secret.

  1. IfyCynthetic says:

    Congrats Nofisah, I’m pretty much sure you will drool over my hair once you see it. Dark and black. I’m always asked if I’ve had it dyed black at any time. I haven’t.

    For ur short-term goals:
    1. Color: You can’t be as eager as I have been. I have just been too scared to do it tho. My advice would be for you to opt for colors that are safe to use on dark hair. They always indicate it on the box. So you get gentle color lift and nothing drastic.

    2. Mud wash: I’ve heard many great things about it. it’s worth the try.

    3. Professional styling: Wouldn’t it be nice to find that one person you can leave your curls to while sleeping to know you’ll wake up to wonderfully cared for hair?
    I personally haven’t used any stylists yet but if I were to start, Tunmise Natural Hair Salon would be my first.

    4. More styles: 2 years natural? Feel free to rock more styles. At least all the years of protective styling has paid off. Time to show what you’ve got. Find a balance though. Over-styling can equal over-manupulating.

    5. Straightening with heat? No words. Too scared.

    Congrats to you all the same. Can’t wait to be celebrating 2 years like you soon in a few months time. Your hair is amazing as always.

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  2. Bookie says:

    Congratulations hun! Two years is no joke!

    On colouring your mane, I’m the worst procrastinator, I still have the dye on my table, looking at me everyday, it’s a big step though because everything you thought you knew about your mane flies out the window, you’d become a newbie automatically.

    Mud wash – I do want to try that too, do a little research (little is extensive in my dictionary) on that before taking the plunge, rhassoul clay is best for type 4a hair while bentonite clay is best for type 4c hair.

    More styles – I think we’re all guilty of this, afro puff or fluff the ‘fro and that’s all for me lol.

    NH Salons – if you’re in Lagos then you have options. Check Ab’s blog (where to find).

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  3. Jen says:

    Yay congrats!
    I have 2 months to go to my 2 year anniversary but I feel like my hair’s not long enough to be 2.

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  4. KinkCHIC says:

    Happy Nappyversary bae..
    I can’t wait for mine to be one..
    You can’t be natural after your last relaxer..new growth doesn’t come out until after a month..if your last relaxer was April..you should count from May if you don’t want to count after bc.
    Me? I count post Bc because that’s when i became fully natural..
    Its just like when you have undergrowth on relaxed hair..that doesnt make your hair natural..does it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • nafisah says:

      I appreciate your opinion but as far as I’m concerned, the day new growth starts emerging from your scalp ( a day after a relaxer touch up) if you intend to go natural is the day I count as my first day as a natural. Thanks for your opinion once again. Everyone has their own views about it.


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  6. KinkCHIC says:

    Your back length is exactly where my nape length is now.. My front’s is just at my upper lip. 😀


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