On the Spotlight! – Yewande

Hi guys,

How’s your Saturday going? I’m feeling so at peace with myself and the world. I don’t why. Probably because I’m almost through with school projects. ( I have been quite busy in the past few weeks! Lawwd!!)

Remember when I shared the good news about our feature section on the blog some time last month?  IT IS FINALLY HERE!  Our? Yes, ‘our’ because someone would be joining me sooon on the blog. I can’t wait to introduce her to the blog. Plenty things are happening with the blog o, yes plenty things. Just wait and see.

Anyways back to the damsel on the spotlight. Allow me introduce to you.. YEWANDE


Hello beautiful, Please let’s get to know you .

My name is Yewande. I just completed my first degree in international law and diplomacy. Awaiting convocation in June.

Why did you go natural and how long have you been rocking you tresses? 

Going natural was sort of funny. I just saw my friend’s hair and liked it. No transition or nothing, I cut off my hair like a week later. I’ve been natural for about eleven months now


Tell us a little bit about your hair background.

My hair is 4c and is soft and very manageable. It’s black but I’m thinking of a dye job…

What’s your Regimen like?

My regimen is very simple and easy. Wash and condition, deep condition and moisturize!


What styles do you love wearing?

I love my twist outs. I live for puffs…. Because I always end up putting everything in a puff… Whether twist outs or Bantu knots.

You are university/college student, how do you juggle between caring for your natural hair, avoiding late attendance and looking ‘acceptable’ or ‘normal’ to others? 

My hair care routine is quite simple so it’s not a problem. Most times, I twist my hair while studying.


What kind of naturalista are you? 

Lool. Plenty. Low-key, less is more,money conservative, lazy and cheapskate. Yesssss!!!

How do people perceive and receive your natural hair and over all look?

Sigh… Mixed reactions sha. Some people love it and some even ask me how I make it soft and manageable and what products I use.
Negative reactions come in…. especially from male lecturers. But the former is more.


What are 2 must haves/ must dos in your hair care routine?

Must have – Shea mix and edge control.
Must do- deep condition and moisturize

What are two mustn’t haves /mustn’t dos in your hair care routine?

I don’t know. I’ve not really tried a lot. #teamcheapskate


Share with us 2 hair product(s) you can’t do without?

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control
Vitale Hair Mayonaisse

Any short or long term hair goals?

Waist length healthy hair


Any two special hair tips and tricks you would like to share with us?

Use old bra straps for puffs. I always do that.

What do you appreciate most about your hair care/hair journey?

I appreciate the fact that my hair is growing so well and is healthy.


What’s the most challenging thing about your hair journey?

Sticking to one regimen. That is very hard. Also finding the right products and sticking to them

How can we connect with you on the internet? 

Instagram : yo_yewii
Twitter: ms_wandie
Blog address: thatkinkygirl.wordpress.com

Thank you for your time Yewande!
And have a fun-filled and happy day on your convocation in June!

If you would like to be featured here and showcase your unique tresses on Coily Head of Hair, kindly send an email to o_nafisah@yahoo.com or skip the chit chat and fill the form at  http://goo.gl/forms/GO7iVvDe9P

Until Next Time,



About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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