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Hello guys,

This is another feature on the blog. As you might have guessed, new faces would be featured on Saturdays and Sundays. You don’t want to miss them. If you would like be featured on the blog, kindly follow the procedure at the bottom of this post!

Let me introduce to you, Miss Folake!


Hello beautiful, Please let’s get to know you.

My name is Folake Folarin. I live in Abuja and I studied Banking and Finance in Bowen University.

Why did you go natural and how long have you been rocking you tresses? 

I big chopped on 31st July, 2013 after about 5 months of transition. So, I have been fully
natural for about 2 years now.


(Gosh I freaking love this hairstyle!)

Tell us a little bit about your hair background. 

I am not really into the hair typing, but I believe my hair is 3c and has 4a strands in the front. It is very full but also very fine. I experimented with color late last year (2014). I wanted purple it came out brown, I tried it later after about 2 weeks and it came out just a little darker. I was not happy but I gave it up for the health of my hair. I love the color so much now though.

What’s your Regimen like? 

My hair loves water so I co-wash as often as my ‘she ‘wants. I make sure to seal in the moisture with shea butter, and I can be sure of cooperation. My regimen used to soooooooo complicated till I decided it did not have to be. So now, I try to deep condition every two weeks and I co-wash with Tresseme Naturals Conditioner about twice a week and use either coconut or olive oil, before applying shea butter.


What styles do you love wearing?

My go-to style is the high bun, as it is easy and a low manipulation style. Other times, I flat twist at night and loosen in the morning. It comes out really nice. I also love twisting my hair and just leaving it in for weeks. It is a great protective style.

What type of naturalista are you?

I used to be the Experimental Naturalista and a Product Junkie for a very long time; trying every product I came across. I have reduced that a little. Now I just make sure to keep up with the important practices and let my hair stay pretty.


What are 2 must haves/ must dos in your hair care routine?

Two must haves for my hair are definitely conditioner and shea butter.

Two must dos are co-wash and deep conditioning.


What are two mustn’t haves /mustn’t dos in your hair care routine?

Two things my hair does NOT like are too much manipulation and going days without wash.

What’s the craziest/strangest thing you have put or did to you hair?

Two things my hair does NOT like are too much manipulation and going days without wash.


What do you think of the acceptance of natural hair to the people around you? 

Well, my hair is growing very healthy and beautiful so it is really encouraging to people around me. People see me and immediately want to big chop. It feels great to have a head
of healthy hair.

Share with us 2 hair product(s) you can’t do without?

Two products I can’t do without would be Eco Styler Gel and Taliah Wajid Detangler.


Any short or long term hair goals?

As funny as it sounds, my long term goal is waist length. My ultimate goal however, is healthy hair. Health over Length!!!

Any two special hair tips and tricks you would like to share with us?

A special trick that works for my hair is Detangling. I could write a book on this. You never know your real texture until you really detangle. I simply add lots of conditioner to my hair and work a section at a time with my hands first, then a wide-tooth comb. It comes out really sleek. Another one is to plan ahead. If you want a twist out tomorrow, twist today. If you want a full fro, make two big braids today. It just saves the stress of rushing in the morning. No matter how tired I am at night, I don’t go to bed until I have figured out what I want for the next day, and prepped my hair for it.

What do you appreciate most about your hair care/hair journey?

What I appreciate most in this journey is the True African Beauty. It amazes me when my hair comes out a different way every time. The versatility is truly beautiful.

What’s the most challenging thing about your hair journey?

My biggest challenge is the 4a strands in the front of my hair. I think they also have a different porosity. I am yet to fully understand them and they just do ‘their own thing’ all the time. It’s part of the beauty though.


What’s your advice to someone who’s considering going natural?

I would advise anyone going natural to embrace their texture because it can get very disappointing when you want someone else’s hair type. Natural hair is beautiful in all its forms. We just need to love ours for what it is. And if you can learn what works for your hair, you will be someone else’s model soon.


How can we connect with you on the internet?

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/folake.folarin.7?ref=bookmark

Thanks so much Folake for your time! ( Isn’t her hair gorgeous?!)

If you would like to be featured here and showcase your unique tresses on Coily Head of Hair, kindly send an email to o_nafisah@yahoo.com or skip the chit chat and fill the form at  http://goo.gl/forms/GO7iVvDe9P

Until Next Time,



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I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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2 Responses to On the Spotlight! – Folake

  1. Jen says:

    Omg her hair is so pretty!
    *goes back to look at pictures again*
    Cowashing twice a week? I don’t think I would cope! I would just be frustrated.
    Nigerian and Natural

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kamsi says:

    My hair is really black and shiny and I really like it but my friend said that natural is not that color and it’s not supposed to shine. Please is she right


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