Oge’s Nappiversary and Debut Post! Yay!

Hello everyone.

I’m pleased to be sharing my debut post with you all.

If you don’t know me by now, I’m Oge. And I’ll be posting on the blog along side Nafisat.

It’s been a while we announced to you about the new development on the blog and I’m sure you would have expected some sort of introduction from me. My apologies for the delay. I’ll be doing an ‘about me’ and hair tag soon for you all to get to know me and my hair.


My first post as you already know is going to be about my first nappiversary and wash day . Yay!! I’m so excited about this. I have a countdown bar running at the right side of the page too with Nafisat; you all should check it out. My last relaxer was on the 31st of October, 2014 and big chop february 2nd of this year.

Lemme just share some brief notes about my hair. I have 4c hair with low porosity . It takes alot of effort to get my hair moisturized; so I’m really tring to combact dry hair right now. Also, towards the nape of my hair, the density seems to be lower.


Most of the time, I’m wearing protective styles and my favourites are twists and braids with artificial hair. But when my hair is out, I shampoo and deep condition once a week due to the fact that I get build ups easily. I’ll proceed to moisturizing and sealing with a leave in and shea butter. I didn’t have the habit of sealing before until about two months agos when Nafisat convinced me to. Evey morning, I’ll remoisturie my hair with a water, leave in and oil mix. I also wear mainly twist outs and puffs.

897102722441657836_453402798 972654897896603436_453402798



I had Nafisat come over to to help out with taking down my braids,washing, trimming and conducting a length check on my hair. We took down the braids and proceeded to wash. I had run out of my products so I used Vo5 shampoo and Shea Cashemere condtioner to wash and detangle and condition my hair. After wards we twisted my hair, conducted a length check and trimmed my hair. So my hair is currently 5 inches. I think I’m doing okay.

DSC04282 DSC04283 IMG-20151104-WA0001

Oh ofcourse, I have hair goals. Plenty of them sef. But for now, I’m really trying so hard to:

1) Combat dryness

2) Improve shine/sheen

3) Retain Length

So guys, if you have any tips for me on these challenges, please kindly share them with me. I’m open to suggestions and new ideas.

That’s pretty much it. I’m just going to leave you with this fine picture of me. You all had better get used to my fine face..lol


Until next time,




About Oge

Student, Talkative, Hair lover, Current Chemistry student, Aspiring Medical Doctor...
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4 Responses to Oge’s Nappiversary and Debut Post! Yay!

  1. Jen says:

    Welcome Oge and congrats on your nappiversary!
    It’s nice to finally read from you.
    To combat dryness, try switching up your products. My hair became less dry when I changed my leave in and started using a different product to seal as well. So I think u should experiment a bit with products and u just may find stuff that can keep your hair moisturized for longer.
    You could also give cowashing a shot.

    Nigerian and Natural


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