Surviving Harmattan in Nigeria: Natural Hair and Skin Care tips.


For those of you that may not know because you don’t live in west Africa… Harmattan is here o.

It is one of those seasons in West Africa where certain regions are hit with extreme dryness, dust and cold weather. And I’m not enjoying one single bit of it. Why??? Well it makes everything dry!!!!! My lips, my skin, my nose, my hair, even my oily face is dry!! Lol…but seriously, I personally don’t like this season at all. Now I have to up my moisture game if I don’t want my hair and skin to dry out.

But, just because I’m the laziest natural I know, I can’t keep up with all that moisture ritual everyday so I decided to put my hair in a protective style. Box braids!!! I so love box braids and I haven’t done them in ages! So I really enjoying wearing them. I had them in last week and I’ll be wearing them for 4/5 more weeks because this weather is ruining my hair. It’s been really dry before installing and I just couldn’t deal anymore.


For those of you that can still wear your hair out in this dreadful weather, I give you kudos.


So what have I been doing to protect my skin and hair?

1)  I used to mock a lot of naturals into layering of products but now that harmattan is here, I see the truth, I see the light! I now layer in my body lotion with grape seed oil or coconut oil every single day.

The dryness is real.

Before I would just apply the lotion and 1 hour later my skin looks dry, dusty and dead. Not a pretty sight!

2) I normally won’t apply a moisturizer to my oily face now, it’s like an essential thing I have to do. I don’t skip my lips, I protect them with a lip balm.

3) For my dry nose, I oil my nostrils with Vaseline before stepping out of the house. I also carry along a damp hanky.

3) For my hair, it’s pretty much the basic routine, only a few tweaks here and there. I now use a thicker moisturizer/ leave in and seal with good old Shea butter then follow up with grape seed oil. I try to do this twice a week and every other day. I spritz with water and oil.

4) Of course, my hair is in a protective style!! Box braids. I would also try cornrows once I take them down in January.

5) Oil has simply become my best friend as I have been applying it to my scalp every other day to keep it from drying out because I the feeling of dry scalp.

6) I never go to bed without covering my hair. I have been wearing my bonnet religiously to bed even with the braids in

7) Need I mention this? Drink water as much as you can and as often as possible. Don’t add insult open injury by not staying hydrated.



How have you been surviving the this dry period? Any tips and tricks?

Chime in!

Until Next Time,


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About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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12 Responses to Surviving Harmattan in Nigeria: Natural Hair and Skin Care tips.

  1. I look forward to harmattan every year. For my skin, i use a thick moisturizer + my Palm kernel and Coconut oil mix. That keeps my skin smooth for the day.
    For my hair, I am currently protective styling (Ombre box braids). I am in the 3rd week and it has helped my hair survive this harmattan. I moisturize my hair with either Palm kernel or Coconut oil.

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  2. Alleluia says: don’t want protective styles yet..I want to rock my hair on Christmas day buh o boy! dis weather bad Gan.. everyday spritz with water and coconut and olive oil mixture.. I can’t wait to get my twists installed for new year

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  3. krystalkinks says:

    The harmattan is not easy for me o! I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m religiously sticking to shea butter and olive oil for my hair and good old vaseline for my skin this period.

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  4. The harmattan hasn’t been good to my lips at all so for now I try to exfoliate them as often as possible by brushing them with warm water and applying a homemade olive oil and white sugar scrub before wiping it away with a towel Slightly soaked in warm water after few minutes…


  5. Pooja says:

    Vaseline isn’t the best.It clogs the skin’s pores and leaves the skin flaky after the season.Oils are a better option.I use baby oils and lip butter is also nice for the skin.


  6. Pooja says:

    Lip butter for lips i meant. Loveky blog by the way.


  7. Mimi says:

    ahhhh, I’m not alone, thank God. great post!

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