To new beginnings

2015 is gone. Tbh, it wasn’t exactly a superb year for me. I can’t say the same for Nafisah though, I mean, it was the year she got to meet the amazing me and have me join her on the blog, even though I never post anything.

Coily Head of Hair faced a lot of challenges in 2015, from projects we had to abandon, Β ideas we couldn’t even develop on to a lot of blogging irregularities. Our joy is that through all our inefficiencies, you’ve always being there. Thank you for giving us a reason to remain here. To everyone thinking, ‘since you joined blog, post na, you will not post, appreciation time has come, that’s when you will show face’, I’m really sorry I haven’t been the best of co-bloggers but by God’s grace, 2016 is my year of regular posts. We’re also going to be introducing a lot of new, exciting stuff on the blog this year.

Here’s to a well moisturized, lustrous and split end-free hairΒ year.


Cuz wine is nothing compared to the coco


About Oge

Student, Talkative, Hair lover, Current Chemistry student, Aspiring Medical Doctor...
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4 Responses to To new beginnings

  1. KinkCHIC says:

    Lol… Funny girl. I’m always excited when i see a post from you. You better bring it on in 2016 πŸ˜€

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  2. krystalkinks says:

    Wow finally! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  3. nafisah says:

    Well said Oge! 2015 was quite tasking and that made it very difficult to update the blog. 2016 is here another 12 months of new opportunities to make big changes! Cheers!


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