My two-strand twadventure

N.B: This may be a long post
Ever since I returned natural, my hair has been itching to have two-strand twists installed. Like those juicy twists with very beautifully crafted cornrows on the side I see on IG.
Now, I stay in Festac and I’ve searched everywhere for a natural hair salon or a salon that is has knowledge of natural hair in Festac and I haven’t found any. The only natural hair salons I know of aren’t close to me and I cannot be travelling just because I want to twist my hair. I’ve been to a couple of normal(not specialized in natural hair) salons and asked about two-strand twists. The last time I asked, this conversation usually ensued:

Me: Good day, please I’d like to twist my hair
Salon Attendant: Welcome, sit down, which length do you want? Bra length or Waist length? Do you want to mix colour? Which colour?
Me: No, I’m twisting my hair alone, no attachment(extensions)
S.A: Let me see the hair you want to twist (removes scarf and looks at chunky braids in disgust) Okay, relaxing is 500naira,did you bring your relaxer? ..
Me: Wait, I’m coming, let me go and bring it. (disappears)

I didn’t even have the strength to explain why I don’t want a relaxer in my hair so I spared myself the stress. Today, I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to go to this lady hairdresser I see down the street. She does cornrows and some other simple styles I see on some kids in the neighborhood and some of these kids have natural hair. I got there and she was threading a little girl’s natural hair and I showed her the style I wanted and asked her if she could do it, she said yes. I asked if she had done it for other people and she said yes. This is the style I showed her.


About 15mins into the hair, I felt the part she had twisted and thought it felt very strange. As she did not have mirrors that I could see the back of my head with, I gave her my phone and asked her to help me take a picture. I saw this.


I asked her why they were so tiny and why they looked really scanty on my head. I showed her pictures of those IG twists and she said my hair was too scanty(is low density) and that they must have ‘added something’ to theirs. I wanted to weep. I asked her to let me twist just once and she agreed. I twisted and it felt better than the rest. I then asked her to make the twists loose and I got this


She even said they looked so much better, loosened the twists on the scanty side and retwisted them. At the end of the day, this is what my hair looked like


And the cornrows,


There will be free airtime for the first person who guesses correctly, how much the lady asked for at the end of the day.
I don’t think I will be doing this again though, I didn’t get any comfort while she made my hair, she doesn’t have a shop or enclosed space and I had to sit on a stool under a tree. I guess I’ll have to go on that journey afterall. Also, my twists don’t look as juicy and neat as the one in the picture of the style I asked for.
Do you know any salon in Festac that styles natural hair? Please comment below if yes. I’m sorry the post is too long, thanks for reading.

Love, Oge.


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Student, Talkative, Hair lover, Current Chemistry student, Aspiring Medical Doctor...
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28 Responses to My two-strand twadventure

  1. krystalkinks says:

    Lol (wait I’m coming let me go and bring it)? I have to say I understand your pain sister. Today I went to a salon that supposedly specialises in natural hair and asked how much for a trim, they asked me if I wanted to barb my hair. After explaining myself finally, they told me the price, I gently thanked them and fled for my hair. At this rate I don’t mind travelling to get a perfect job of my hair done.
    On a low guess I’ll say 500 for your hair.

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  2. nafisah says:

    Lol…your ”relaxer” experience at that shop is quite funny…pele. I feel your twists looked nice they may not look plumpy like you want but I thought they were neat. Don’t stress too much about wanting the perfect braider, Any good box braider should be able to twist your hair well. I’d guess it’s N300- N500 range for a salon under a tree.


  3. KinkCHIC says:

    Your twists are lovely… Since its low density,it might not really look juicy but its healthy and long πŸ˜€


  4. Ally says:

    Pele dear. I came late,I would have won the recharge It looks good though. Keep slayingπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


  5. yevandy says:

    Hey Dear,
    I honestly think the woman tried o. (she could have done better with the front)
    I’ve never done twists but I have seen it done in some natural hair salons and they use quite a number of products to give it that look.
    why don’t you check out YouTube, learn how to do it, teach her and pay her for home service?
    you are comfortable, get her to use your products, there’s enough time, Internet and mirrors to correct her and everyone is happy.
    She can be at the back yard if you are not comfortable with strangers in your house.
    I hate ALL salons so I just find someone affordable and good and invite them to the balcony of my house. I turn on YouTube for the stylist when I want to try a new style.

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  6. Igbocurls says:

    Hi Oge!

    The post isn’t long at all. As a matter of fact your experience is quite interesting.
    Speaking on our experiences at Nigerian salons never ceases to make me laugh. But I can tell you it’ll get better. As your hair grows longer, ugly comments turn into praises and inquisitive questions. So I’m glad you pay them no mind.
    On another note, have you checked to see if there’s a salon close to you?


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  7. Those Natural African Curls says:

    I like your hair, cornrowed styles are something I’ve never done since I went natural, i’m just so scared of losing hair like I do when I go to other salons. When I want juicy twists I try to make sure my hair isn’t too stretched before twisting and use a nice water based leave-in conditioner.for extra juiciness.

    Those Natural African Curls


  8. levybraide says:

    Hahahahaha just reminds me of my experience. In my hall in school there are some women that come around to make hair, we call them ” make your hair”. Told her I wanted twist and she did one very scanty something for me. I was writing exams so I didn’t even have time. I just left it like that. I wasn’t even that bothered because she charged me 400naira. But now I twist my hair at Tunmise Naturals in Surulere. Their twists are life mehn.


  9. Bookie says:

    I think the lady did a decent job, she even yielded to correction.

    Finding the perfect braider (with or without attachments) is a big deal. I’m still looking for.


  10. Mimi says:

    lol naija hairdressers though, avoided salons for a long while because of these kind of things but then again, I’d be too lazy to do this on my own. unfortunately I don’t knw any hair stylist in lag, only ph.

    The hairstyle is fab though. Styles like these look even better after a while (don’t know y old hair looks better sometimes).


    • Oge says:

      Very true, when it got older(like a week old), I started getting tons of compliments. Everybody started asking how they could make their look like mine.


  11. glow says:

    U now stay in festac? And are a med.student? We have a lot in common oooo πŸ™‚ d rxn frm our hairstylists in naija has discouraged me frm making my hair…i now do self-care …great blog!


  12. enioladunni says:

    He he! I burst into laughter when I saw what the woman did before you corrected. I’ve had a similar experience, but unfortunately, I did not have a picture to show the woman. I only described it. By the time she was done, I wanted to cry. I wore a cap almost everyday, and I did not wear the style for long.
    I don’t style my hair a lot. I do a lot of protective styles instead, and when I get tired of them, I just comb my hair into an Afro. However, since I lost a huge length of my hair because of the over-exposure, I stopped doing the Afro. Now, I just plait my hair in cornrows after washing, and wear a headwarmer till I do the next protective style.
    The woman tried with your hair though. It looks nice.
    Nice post.
    Oh, and, lovely blog too!

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  13. enioladunni says:

    *before you corrected her.


  14. houtshi says:

    Wow beautiful! I actually recently found out a local businesses directory which shows top rated local businesses including top hair salons in your city, it’s named Pajix , this is their website , I found my hair stylist on there, you can read other customers reviews, check location and hair salons prices and then book your appointments online! It’s really convenient


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