Coils on Campus : Meet Yvonne!

Our Coils on Campus feature for this week is Yvonne. She is a very enthusiastic and fun newbie natural who sees her hair as a baby and makes sure she treats her with great care.  Let’s meet her





1)    Hello Beautiful, Let’s get to know you.

Hello! I’m Yvonne Edughele, a 200 level student of Physics in the University of Lagos. I love music, books (reading and writing them), fashion and shoes. Hobbies are singing, reading and writing novels, sleeping and talking lol


2)    Why did you go natural and for how long have you been natural?

I went natural when I saw some awesome natural hair styles everywhere. puffs, faux locs, Bantu knots and knot outs, twist outs, OMG! I fell in love! I put relaxer on my hair last in April 2015, I was too scared to cut my hair all at once in the beginning, because I’m emo and change is upsetting for me. So the thought of cutting all of my hair at once was like “ahhh”! But then I got too lazy to transition till the end. And so I did my big chop on the 14th of September 2015. And trust me it was a CHOP lol. I’ve been natural for five months now



3)    How were you enlightened to natural hair and what are your views on it?

I realized it was fine when I started rocking it myself. I still looked pretty (no pride here o lol) and I decided I didn’t need my relaxed hair to look beautiful. So I decided it was okay. And I think natural hair is beautiful. I think it’s amazing that black women are finally embracing the side of them that has been suppressed for such a long time! African women have tried for so long to look foreign. From applying relaxer to their hair, to contouring their noses to create the illusion of the ‘perfect’ pointed nose. So seeing black women embrace their black sides… it’s amazing




4)    How did people react when you finally revealed your natural hair?

Oh it wasn’t pretty. I have a friend who told me not to talk to her until my hair grew back. There was shock and disapproval, truckloads of it. So much disapproval actually that I began to doubt. But then I started experimenting with my hair, and I fell in love with it. And just like that, other people’s opinions simply didn’t matter so much.


5)    What’s your hair care routine like?

My typical wash day goes from an onion scalp soak, for like an hour, and then I wash my hair with black soap, and then I follow it with a tea rinse, then deep conditioning with mayonnaise, honey and olive oil for about an hour, and then I do LOC with olive oil or coconut oil and shea butter

6)    Any favourite styles you love to wear or would love to try?

I am absolutely dying to do Bantu knots and faux locs. I love when I do braid outs too. I like the rough look of it



7)    What do you do to your hair on days when you have morning lectures or wake up late or have tests/exams?

On days like that I just do the LOC and run out lol


8)    2 dos and don’ts your hair strictly follows.

My hair doesn’t ever go into a hair dryer.

My hair doesn’t stay out in the sun for long.

My hair always has enough water and protein,

and my hair doesn’t ever go to bed without her satin bonnet


9)    Any 2 products you recommend?

Nothing major.  Just coconut oil. And shea butter. They work like magic.



10)           Do you have any problems areas?

The middle of my hair is thick! It’s the most difficult to work with. It’s a whole lot of work. Followed closely by the back of my hair. It’s the lightest part, and so it breaks pretty easily. ( I have found my hair twin…lol)

11)           What type of natural are you?

The enthusiastic one! Definitely!


12)           Any unforgettable moment you would like to share as regards your hair journey?

Embarrassing and awkward. I did these braid outs on my hair and I loved it. But then my mum saw it and began to yell. In public! She called the hair irresponsible and said it looked like dada lmao. She even said if I didn’t comb it I would have to cut my hair. It was really embarrassing though


13)   As a student, how are you able to allocate money for your hair products?

To be very honest, It’s pretty expensive. But then I named my hair, and I began to see it as my baby. So it’s easier to drop money for something I take as living, than something ‘non-living’


14)           Any hair tips you would like to share with us?

One simple trick- love your hair! Every other thing would fall in place.


15)           What are your hair goals?

Imani Evans! Her hair is the fullest, longest, darkest, most amazing hair I’ve seen ever! She takes her selfies and they turn out as ‘hairfies’ because her hair takes the centre stage. I want that kind of hair


16)           What do you love and dislike most about your hair?

I love my curls! I love the texture. And I love the colour. It’s so black and I love it! Hate? Hell naw. I don’t hate anything about my princess curlie.


17)           Any advice to newly naturals or those considering it?

Yessss! Welcome aboard! But be ready for a lot of responsibility and commitment. Being a naturalista is like having a baby


18)           Are you into hair blogs like CHH or watch you tube videos instead or none?

I do blogs a little. I do YouTube videos too, and BBM channels.

12736039_1000884999981860_2059986650_n (1)

19)           Where can we connect with you on the internet?

Instagram: @queen_yv



Thanks for your time Yvonne!



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I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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  1. Zainab says:

    Awww her teeny weepy afro is so cute


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