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Hello ladies, We apologize for not putting up any feature last week Saturday.

Today’s Coils on Campus feature is Ify aka The Female Igbo Architect. I have come to see Ify as a very friendly and amazing person. She is also an Architecture student but she’s not my mate at all o.  Ify runs a multi- subject blog Girl Up ‘n’ Walk. I absolutely love the name of her blog, it speaks to me whenever it comes to my mind. It’s like a saying telling me to stand up and do what I have to do! Who feels the same way? Anyway, let’s meet her.



Hello Beautiful, Let’s get to know you.

My name is Ify and I am currently running my master’s programme in Architecture at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra state. I love to sing, dance, and talk! 😀 It’s no news that I am God’s favourite child: P, I have a crush on Yanni and I am in love with classical music. I own a blog and it’s for young women like you so go and check it out quick…ermmm I think that’s all 🙂


 Why did you go natural and for how long have you been natural?

I went natural because I personally love Afro hair. It’s not as if my relaxed hair wasn’t healthy or anything, I just hated how flat my head looked each time I relaxed it. My last relaxer application was in February, 2015 and I had my big chop in October, 2015. My mum and my little sister also had the big chop with me:D (family


  How were you enlightened to natural hair and what are your views on it?

Pinterest! One of my favorite apps. I saw a pic about natural hair and I just kept surfing and surfing. I found out it was cool to rock natural hair in 2014. To me, natural hair gives me this graceful but fierce look that I like. I think it is exciting because it is so versatile and unique at the same time.


How did people react when you finally revealed your natural hair?

Ahhh!! There is nothing I did not hear o..infact the facial expressions alone that showed disgust and annoyance was enough to kill my spirit but I handled them. I just simply told myself that it is a decision I made and it was nobody’s business. My family loved my hair though. In fact, my dad in particular loves my afro.



What’s your hair care routine like?

It’s pretty simple. I wash with black soap, and condition with organic hair mayonnaise. I detangle with nature vital hair conditioner and also use it as a pre-poo treatment. I use an olive oil spritz and castor oil for my edges and I seal with shea butter. Whenever I am not on a protective style, I wash every week and deep condition every two weeks. My wash day process? hmmmm I do a pre-poo with either natur vital hair conditioner or palm kernel oil for about 45-1 hour and then I wash with warm water and black soap. After washing, I apply my Organic Hair Mayonnaise, cover with a shower cap and tie a scarf over it for heat and I leave it on for two hours and then rinse it off with cold water. I let my hair air dry and then I apply oils and seal with shea butter. (Very simple routine, thumps up Ify!)

Any favourite styles you love to wear or would love to try?

Puffs! They are my favourite styles although my hair isn’t long enough to do a full puff, I still like it like that lol. I have also started trying out crochet braids. ( Lol,,me too!!)


What do you do to your hair on days when you have morning lectures or wake up late or have tests/exams?

Well, whenever schools starts getting tough, I just do a protective style that will last me through the tough times, I usually don’t leave my hair out so that I don’t damage it out of stress.


2 dos and don’ts your hair strictly follows.

Moisturise me as often as possible

Don’t sleep without your satin cap, you will hate me in the morning.

Don’t comb me when dry, you will be wasting your time and hurting yourself (Lol… I like!)


Any 2 products you recommend?

I have not really started experimenting new products yet.


Do you have any problems areas?

The hair at the middle of my head shrinks and dries out faster than the other parts of my hair. The hair at the back grows slowest. ( I think everyone seems to have this nape hair slow growth problem!)


What type of natural are you?

I would say I’m a happy natural who is just learning new stuff about her hair every day. I would have been an enthusiastic one but school work wouldn’t let me be one.


Any unforgettable moment you would like to share as regards your hair journey?

The day someone told me that my afro looked dirty because it’s brown.



As a student, how are you able to allocate money for your hair products? (

I don’t use many products so I don’t spend much. I personally think that there are more natural and cheaper products that we can use and that can still give good results. (Very true)


Any hair tips you would like to share with us?

I’m still a learner o but I would like to plead with us all to remember that water is essential. Don’t get caught up in the many products on your shelf and forget the most important.


What are your hair goals?

To have a healthy brown afro!


What do you love and dislike most about your hair?

I love the fact that it’s really full and brown! lol



Any advice to newly naturals or those considering it?

Just do it! Stop thinking too much about it. Just do it.


Are you into hair blogs like CHH or watch you tube videos instead or none?

I do all of them. Hair blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook pages and even twitter accounts lol


Where can we connect with you on the internet?

Instagram: @curly_ify

Twitter: @femaleigboarch

Facebook page:

Blog address:



Natural Nigerian would be hosting her quarterly Lagos Natural Hair Meetup Next week Saturday and we are giving out a free ticket to one of our readers. If you are interested, Simply leave a comment below with hashtag #ImInNITC14

Until next time,


About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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17 Responses to Coils on Campus : Ify!

  1. tidiebewe says:

    I would love to see her brown afro hair. So used to seeing black. That person isn’t serious for saying your is dirty because it’s brown. Who says that, sigh.

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  2. Ally says:

    nice hair..the person must have been very silly #ImInNITC14

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  3. krystalkinks says:

    I love her hair, its so full and would make a lovely fro. (mtchew dirty ke? Some people will always complain. #ImInNITC14

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  4. Nafisah! Thank you very much😘😘😘

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  5. Reblogged this on GirlUp 'n' Walk and commented:
    Hey guys! Happy Sunday! I was featured on a Natural Hair blog run by a wonderful person 😁
    Go and see!

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  6. Contrary to what the Internet stats shows a lot of people are still averse to natural hair in reality. #ImInNITC14

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