Hair Update: Breakage, Hair Cut and 2016 Resolutions!

Hey Lovelies, Today’s post is going to be on my hair update growth wise. Enjoy!



The Puff Life



UPDATE 1: I am not retaining enough length!!!

I remember sharing with you all my October length check when I was at 11 inches then I had a trim and measured again and I had roughly 10 an a half inches. Then I did the inversion method after one week I had almost 11 inches which was a great result for me. In November I conducted a rough length check which I had about 11 and then again in February another rough check with almost 12 inches of hair. I was really hoping that I would have had about 12 and a half inches by February but I’m barely reaching 12 inches. So I’m feeling like am not retain as much length as I should. And not that, I noticed my edges have been breaking small small!
To an extent, I’m not surprised because I have been slacking. Lol…like seriously. I have been slacking…umm I have been too busy with school.


Why I wasn’t retaining as much length:

Basically everything I do to my hair is just a puff. Since the beginning of the semester in mid-January, my hair has just been in a puff. Like I haven’t been doing any serious protective styling. I haven’t been doing my twist outs, or braid outs. It’s just been in a puff and it’s really not healthy for me because it is not the healthy protective style when it comes to preventing tangling and SSKS. I have not been moisturizing and sealing CONSISTENTLY…Lorddd!! I haven’t been taking my regimen seriously since the beginning of the year and it is so bad and annoying! I think my poor length retention has been as a result of my unserious attitude to my hair care regimen….lol I have been having that ‘’as the spirit leads’’ attitude.  It is not the best.
My hair actually has been healthy but I have  been trimming unnecessarily. The last trim I had was unnecessary because I mistook the dry ends I had for damaged, rough ends not knowing it was actually as a result of my inconsistent moisture routine. I really should I have just taken care of them better instead of just trimming off like that. It’s been 8 months since I dyed my hair and don’t think my hair colouring escapade contributed much to the breakage. I only noticed dryness on the dyed sections on the first two months in August and September and after September my hair started to feel normal again, you know, no more feeling of that transition from healthy mid- shaft hair to dry ends.



My last trim in October 2015.




I accidentally cut my hair!! Yes o. if you follow our blog on Instagram you would see the picture I posted, I was so annoyed when I found out. I cut off out about 2 if not 3 inches off the tip of the braid while I was trimming off the crochet spring twists I made myself ( I should I have sewn the braid to secure the tips) . Even the trimming led to an accidental massive cutting of my twists lol…so I had to balance out the look by cutting the other side, and now I’m not sure what to call this hair whether bob spring twists or something. I’m sha not enjoying this. Since the installation, I have been scarfing it up and down. So I’m going to take down the hair but I’ll still keep the braid pattern and get another 3 packs to reinstall again because the hair was so beautiful before the ‘’I too know’’ in me pushed to ‘’trim’’ and eventually ‘’over trim’’ and eventually ‘’cut my hair!!!’’
Like seriously. Lol. Could this get any worse?? No.

crochet cut

2016-03-09 00.56.39.jpg






So am I going to do?

Well…My plan is to drop some resolution below because I am really hoping to hit 13 inches by next month because it’s going to be my 3rd natural hair anniversary and really I’m so excited. Like it would 3 years since I stopped using relaxer and that feeling is just so amazing and exciting.


2016 Hair resolution

1)       Constant moisture and sealing routine by paying more attention to my edge and ends
2)       Take my regimen more seriously. You know… all that good good stuff should be done more often.
3)       Incorporate more low manipulation and protective styles. I may not be fan of full protective styles but styles like twists, cornrows, French braids, flat twists and updos would definitely be on my list.


To mark my 3rd year anniversary, I’m going to back to black fully with a permanent dye. I tried the henna-indigo thing, I was quite impressed by it but the process it was too tedious!! I had to wait for the mix to release for 3 hours, then wait for it to sit on my hair for 1 and half hours. It’s like an all-day process and it’s just too tedious for me so I will be using a permanent natural back dye on my hair. I would make a short review of the henna- indigo colouring for you just in case you are not sure how the process goes. So watch this space for that.


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Until Next time,




About nafisah

I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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14 Responses to Hair Update: Breakage, Hair Cut and 2016 Resolutions!

  1. Love the resolutions. I was like that at the beginning of 2016 I became tired and not following my regimen, but I am getting back to my routine. I do henna treatments but I don’t let it sit foe hours mix it with ACV and apply it still releases the red dye on your hair. Luckily the indigo you don’t have to sit for hours on end.

    Liked by 1 person

    • nafisah says:

      Thanks. My busy schedule had been keeping me off the track but i’ll try my best to get back on it as wrll . i’ll definitely give the indigo powder another try later.


  2. krystalkinks says:

    I have to say, your puffs are awesome! More grace in your length retention and looking forward to seeing your hair black again(though I kinda liked this one). Happy nappiversary in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AtimMercy says:

    Love the resolutions… Am going to miss your coloured hair!!!… About you cutting your hair accidentally, sweetie I relate. I cut about 2 and a half inches too while taking off my crochet braids….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. KinkCHIC says:

    Lol.. Sorry about the not retaining length. But in my opinion you are way too scissors happy. You trim your hair too much nao. Another sorry for cutting your hair..i pray your hair ”hopes” are fulfilled 😀 See you on your hairniversary

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Zainab says:

    You should try to retain more length oooooo.
    I used to do the inversion method..but I gave up in it…I’m. Gonna continue now.
    We need those curls to grow girl 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. But I love your color!!! Nonetheless these are great resolutions! Once you get back into the routine—your hair is going to flourish again!

    KLP @

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Eunice E says:

    I love this hair color! But if black is what you want I’m sure you’d rock it well 😉 Sorry about the unplanned haircut I know how it feels 😔 hope it grows back soon and you retain more length 😘


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