Coils on Campus: Renike

Happy Sunday Lovelies, This week’s Coils on Campus Feature is Renike.

Renike has soft hair she finds easy to style. She ensures it takes her hair regimen seriously and preps her hair the night before. She doesn’t like experimenting much with products but advises that we invest in good quality products.

Let’s meet her.



Hello beautiful, Let’s get to know you.

My name is Morenike Olusanya. Brand name: Renike. I’m a creative artist. (Graphic designer and artist) and a 400 level student of UNILAG, Department of Creative arts (visual arts) I love to sing, dance, draw, read and watch movies.


Why did you go natural and for how long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 1 year and 2 months. I completely cut my hair off because I noticed I had weightless hair. It was too soft and relaxing it just weakened it the more. So I just decided to cut it to be able to manage it more.


Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

How were you enlightened to natural hair and what are your views on it?

The plan wasn’t to rock my natural hair…lol. I didn’t even realize people had natural hair till few months after I cut mine. I just wanted to be comfortable and I wanted healthy hair.


How did people react when you finally revealed your natural hair?

My course mates were okay with it. It looked nice on me. My mum and dad loved it. My brother loved it. (His girlfriend is also natural)


      What’s your hair care routine like?

I wash my hair once in 2 weeks because I cannot stand the shrinkage. It pisses me off. Lol. I use Double Sheen Argan oil shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Eucalyptus anti hair breakage leave in serum after. Then in embrace the shrinkage. Lol. I have a mixture of castor oil cream, coconut oil cream and olive oil cream from natures gentle touch. I use it to massage my scalp twice a week. I also have a mixture of the original oils. I use them once a week. I use castor oil or aloe vera gel to lock in moisture. I have natural soft hair so detangling is never an issue.


Any favourite styles you love to wear or would love to try?

I love to make kinky braids or crotchet braids as protective styles. I’m a lover of big hair so I make full hair. I love Bantu knots, I love twists. My hair is very soft so I can pack it and style it anyhow I want to and it still looks good.


What do you do to your hair on days when you don’t have time to style?

Morning when I wake up late…I try to avoid situations like that. Every night before I go to bed, I twist my hair or braid it and lock in moisture with Aloe vera gel or a little castor oil. Then I wear a silk hair bonnet and my pillow case is also satin/silk. I just comb it out if I can’t style in the morning. I’m not a lover of wigs. So I just become creative with it so it’s still looks nice. My quickest hairstyle is a high bun.


2 dos and don’ts your hair strictly follows.

I don’t sleep with my hair exposed (without a bonnet) and I don’t sleep on cotton pillow case… My hair texture battles with it. Anytime I do that, my hair shrinks and become dry and hard. I also do not strain my edges or pack my braids. It gives me headaches and pulls out my edges. I always moisturize my hair (it has an amazing feel to it) and style my hair. (It helps with length retention)


Any 2 products you recommend?

Argan Oil shampoo and leave in conditioner. Doesn’t have sulphate or Sulphur. Sulphate is bad for natural hair. And Aloe Vera gel for moisturizing (no alcohol)


Do you have any problems areas?

The hair at the back of my head grows waaaaaay slower than the hair in front.


What type of natural are you?

What type of natural am I? Lol. Not a product guru…

I’m definitely the stingy type: I can’t get it for you, just don’t touch mine.

Very protective: I don’t like it when people touch my hair.

I’m faithful to the products I use: I don’t want to experiment with my lovely hair and suffocate it with a lot of different products. If it’s expensive and worth it, I will save and buy it.


Any unforgettable moment you would like to share as regards your hair journey?

When I discovered my back hair wasn’t growing as fast as my front hair was.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

As a student, how are you able to allocate money for your hair products?

I’m a creative artist so I work. Natural hair is expensive to maintain. You have to spend to get quality products. When I’m broke, I manage and pray of course.


Any hair tips you would like to share with us?

Don’t over manipulate. It’s better if you do not texturize or straighten your natural hair at all. It’s better in its natural state.


What are your hair goals?

I want my hair to be massive 5 years from now. Then I will either loc it or leave it. I will make that decision in 5 years. And yes, when I have a female child, I won’t cut her hair. I will treat it early…so hers will be waaaay longer than mine. ( Aww. how sweet)


What do you love and dislike most about your hair?

I love how soft my hair is. I don’t like how fragile it is


Any advice to newly naturals or those considering it?

Newly naturals…you have to be patient with your hair. Different people have different hair that grow at different speeds. You have to be ready to spend time with your hair if you want it to look healthy and be healthy


Are you into hair blogs like CHH or watch you tube videos instead or none?

I watch YouTube videos most of the time.


Where can we connect with you on the internet?

       Instagram: @iamrenike


I hope you all enjoyed reading about Renike’s hair journey. If you are a student with natural hair and would loved to be featured on our Coils on Campus series, then do send us a mail to or visit this link to answer the questions.

Until Next Time,




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I'm an architecture student by day and natural hair blogger by night. Join me as I share with you the ups and downs of being an student natural living in Lagos.
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  1. kerdishastlouis says:

    Loved this ❤️❤️


  2. Zainab says:

    Awww..she is so so pretty.😍
    She’s really rocking her hair well.
    Great interview


  3. Mimi says:

    Lol she isnt alone praying when broke and her hair looks great.


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