Coils On Campus: Iyinoluwa!


Happy New month everbody,
Long time no Coils on  Campus. Forgive us. This past month has been incredibly hectic for me. We are kicking off the new month with this very pretty Iyinoluwa. She’s an avid DIY queen with very thick and lush hair. Let’s meet her


1)    Hello Beautiful, Let’s get to know you.

My name is Iyinoluwa Adunade. I’m a 400 level student of the department of Creative Arts (theatre major), University of Lagos. I’m a good lover of the arts, I love dance, photography, creative handmade stuffs, watching movies, self-developing exposure, surfing the internet and quality time. Plus I can be dramatic.


2)    Why did you go natural and for how long have you been natural?

I went natural because I wanted to stop relaxing my hair. I can’t really remember the date of my big chop, but the experience was tragic because I went to a barbing saloon, explained to the guy that I wanted a “trimmed” cut, but he ended up giving me a “very low” cut. So I had to grow my hair again. I’ve been growing my natural hair for about three years now, since 2013.


3)    How were you enlightened to natural hair and what are your views on it?

My initial educator on natural hair and its management was my sister. She was on a natural hair group on Facebook, so we always tried what they posted. Soon I began surfing the internet and discovered DIY methods of maintaining natural hair. This process was indeed an experience, I remember a day my sister and I tried DIY banana deep conditioning, wow! We spent the entire day removing bits of banana remnants from our hair (anyone who has tried this before can relate to this). I also have a friend who is into natural hair business, I consulted her anytime I needed help or advice. My advice to ladies on natural hair would be to ask questions from those who have been on it for a while (even if it means stopping someone on the road. I did it sometimes) this saves you a lot of stress, discover what works best for you as a person and your hair type and be creative with your hair.


4)    How did people react when you finally revealed your natural hair?

Well my friends were really surprised cause my hair was really long when it was relaxed and when I went natural, about three years back, natural hair wasn’t a major trend like it is now.



5)    What’s your hair care routine like?

I wash my hair every two weeks. I do this with Dudu Osun, warm water twice to make sure the hair is really clean and all the greasy products are out. This process takes out the moisture in my hair, however, my DIY avocado deep conditioning replenishes it. I make it with one avocado pear to one and half (depending on how full and long your hair is), blended with milk into a smooth paste (I use the 50 naira hollandia milk because it has the right measurement) after which I add a table spoon of olive oil to it. I apply this to my hair from the root to the tip, cover my hair with a shower cap for twenty minutes, and then rinse out the paste. After washing, I spritz my hair, comb it with a big comb & weave it in it is damp into 4 to 6 sections to air dry. This takes me about two hours. I use Hawaiian silky leave-in conditioner and Hawaiian silky miracle worker. I also use coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil.


6)    Any favourite styles you love to wear or would love to try?

I don’t have any favourite style in particular.


7)    What do you do to your hair on days when you have morning lectures or wake up late or have tests/exams?

During such periods I like to be proactive. I simply wear protective styles like twists.


8)    2 dos and don’ts your hair strictly follows.

I don’t apply direct heat to my hair

I don’t leave my hair without moisturizing it for too long.


Always be creative with my styles

Always take good care of my hair.


9)    Any 2 products you recommend?

Hawaiian Silky miracle worker and Blue Magic carrot oil leave-in conditioner.


10)           Do you have any problems areas?

Not at all.


11)           What type of natural are you?

I am an enthusiastic natural.


12)           Any unforgettable moment you would like to share as regards your hair journey?

An unforgettable experience I had in my hair journey is the one I shared earlier on. My sister and I decided to try out this DIY banana deep conditioning we saw online. We blended the banana with milk and olive oil, applied it to our hair from the root to the tip, left it for about twenty minutes and rinsed it out. when we rinsed out the paste, we noticed there was SO MUCH bits of banana in our hair. We dried our hair with a towel, used our hands to shake it off and even combed the hair, but it seemed like there was no difference. We had to wait till the hair was totally dry, then we sectioned the hair like we were relaxing it and started combing out the banana till late in the night. It was really stressful.


13)      As a student, how are you able to allocate money for your hair products?

As a student, I’m able to allocate money for my hair products by planning and budgeting, with a budget I have a scale of preference on what hair product I need most. The answer to whether or not natural hair is expensive depends on the individual and her hair routine. If you are a product person or junkie you would most likely spend a lot of money on maintaining your hair. However if you add a few DIY products to your routine, it would help in saving your money.


14)           Any hair tips you would like to share with us?

You can air dry your hair after washing soaking up water in your hair with a towel after washing, applying your hair products or spritz to your damp hair, weave into sections and allow to dry that way. This prevents shrinkage and makes your hair soft after loosening it.

Do you know you can use underskirt (a clean one though!) as a satin pillow cover? Yes! You can.


15)           What are your hair goals?

A major one would be to grow a longer hair!


16)           What do you love and dislike most about your hair?


I love my hair texture (although I don’t know what hair type I have). A major challenge I have with my hair is its fullness because I have a very full hair and it can be very tiring to style every day when I don’t make it.

17)           Any advice to newly naturals or those considering it?

My advice to newly naturals or those considering it would be to get well informed, ask questions (especially from those who have been naturals for a while) and discover what works for you best.


18)           Where can we connect with you on the internet?

You can connect with me on Instagram @ iyin__oluwa (*double underscore) and on Facebook @ Iyinoluwa Adundae


Isn’t her hair just beautiful? Iyin really highlighted some great tips there if you agree with me.
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  1. levybraide says:

    Wow wow wow. I love her hair!!!!!!!! Am in love. Love struck. 😍😍😍😍.

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  2. Zainab says:

    Lol I know that diy banana treatment struggle.😂😭😫.
    You can check it out


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