I’m 16 months natural… Post BC

Hi everyone, Oge here again. We recently concluded exams in school so Nafisat and I have been sort of busy but we’re right back where we left off!!   How’re you all and your manes doing? I hope your hair is smiling while you’re reading this, mine isn’t, it’s due for a wash😟😟

So I’ll be starting a new column on the blog and talking basically about everyday hair issues. I may not be posting regularly because these topics are inspired by naturals around me so we’ll just flow with the vibe.

Today, I’ll be talking about length and hair dating(giving your hair a time description, e.g – my hair is 5 months old, I’m 38 months post BC, I’m 90 months post relaxer).
I remember when I had my big chop at a natural hair salon, I took a very close friend of mine to witness the ‘event’ and there was a lady with very healthy, long hair getting twists installed. My friend was captivated and was forced to commend and eventually ask the lady how old her was. The lady thanked her and said she was 6 months natural. We immediately glared at each other, mouths agape because her hair supposedly looked too long for 6 months. By the time she was done with her twists and had left the salon, my friend(Sarah talks too much) had engaged the salon owner in a discussion and mentioned how beautiful and long the lady’s hair was. The salon owner then pointed out that she had transitioned for a year and some months before trimming off her relaxed ends so her hair was actually over 2 years old. You know that ‘Ooohhhhhhh!!!!’ moment right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know health is the most important thing but who doesn’t like to see some length up there? Who doesn’t want to feel like their hair is healthy and retaining as much length as manes of the same age? Another short gist, this same Sarah came visiting and met a girl on the hallway with long hair too, and according to her, this conversation ensued;
Sarah: OMG! Your hair is so full and long, is this a twist-out?
Hallway Girl: No, I just took out my braids, thank you.
Sarah: Oge come and see fine hair o! Maybe you’ll feature her on your blog. Sorry I’m disturbing you, I just love seeing beautiful hair, how old is your hair?
Hallway Girl: No, it’s fine. My hair is 8 months old.
Sarah: Eez a lie!!! It’s so long for 8 months! Wait, 8 months post BC or 8 months post relaxer?
Hallway Girl: I stopped relaxing it in August 2014 and cut off the top parts in August 2015,from August 2015 to this month is 8 months.
Sarah: Oh, so it’s a year and 8 months. It’s really beautiful, I’m really sorry I took so much of your time. You’ll cut off some of this hair and give me o, What’s your room number? Oge will come and see your hair later *girl leaves, Sarah faces me* Why do people like intimidating other people with their hair? See me already feeling bad that my own 8 months natural growth will not look anything like that when I cut it. *hisses* Some of you natural people don’t know how to tell how old your hair is, just be confusing me up and down *rolls eyes**hisses*

I know, Sarah is a drama queen. But I want to know, who else has a problem with this? I really want to hear your opinion on this, do you think it’s an issue? Do you think it makes new naturals feel intimidated? How do you tell the age of your hair? Do you think it’s important to state whether it’s post BC or post relaxer? Have you had experiences like this? What’s your take on this?

Love, Oge


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5 Responses to I’m 16 months natural… Post BC

  1. krystal says:

    I haven’t really had one on one issues like this,but yes it can be intimidating. I mean if I saw someone with very long hair and she tells me its only 8 months I would go home feeling bad and asking myself questions like what have i been doing wrong?,why isn’t mine as long as hers or even close?, whats wrong with my hair? etc. so I think its very important to state the exact stage of your hair it just might be helpful and less intimidating.

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  2. littlebigdoc says:

    Haha, it’s true. Some women like to make others believe their hair grows extremely fast with little effort. Probably to inspire hair envy. I know a woman who once claimed she’d had her long hair for 2 years yet i knew she’d had it for 8 years

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  3. nafisah says:

    I thought it was me! This is the major reason why I personally prefer telling people I am x months ‘post-relaxer’ instead of ‘natural’ Using x months/years natural can be very misleading. it’s like transitioning for a year and claiming you are 3 months natural insead of 15 months post relaxer.


  4. lissabby000 says:

    Lol this is so true! Just state how old your hair is based on when last you dabbled in creamy crackery! For the sake of the newbies I always indulge them in the whole age calculation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  5. Annabel says:

    I once came across a blog /comment that said one’s natural hair is as old as when one stopped relaxing rather than when one bigchopped. And I agree with that cos while transitioning, the relaxed ends are like a protective style that helps you retain length! Also it eliminates confusion and intimidation on the part of lessinformed people. By the way let’s face it! one can only grow 4inches (or there abouts) in 8months!!

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