My flat-twisted updo

Hello great kinkitizens! How’re your manes doing? I hope your moisture and length retention levels are giving you all joy. As for me, not exactly.

For the past month, my hair has received the greatest level of neglect known to be received by manes owned by sane people. I lost 2 of my spray bottles and I didn’t have the strength and time to get a new one, my old leave in(which was actually doing nothing for my hair) got exhausted and I was making plans to get a new one(for a whole month!!). My laziness no get part 2! My hair care regimen for that period included; Shamwashing with local black soap, Cowashing with V05 conditioner(because I could get this at a supermarket close to my house) and sealing with Shea Butter dazall!! I know some naturals swear by water, black soap and Shea Butter as the only products that get into their hair and keeps their hair very manageable, but it’s not for me! My hair was staging protests left, right and centre.

For styling, I simply cornrowed my hair after every wash and wore a face cap on my way out Everyday for a month. This didn’t look as weird as it sounds because I’m still a student and we just resumed so a greater part of my neglect month was spent at home. Also, in school, I don’t get to dress up a lot, a pair of jeans and a top and I’m out! On Wednesday, I got bored. I had a lecture and I wanted to dress up a bit, I realized my ‘outfit’ would not look good with a face cap on so I asked my girl, Ruth to hook me up with any updo she could think of and she quickly created this look. Ruth doesn’t have a lot of experience in natural hair styling even though her hair is beautifully natural so I was really amazed at how fast she could come up with something really pretty.

Everyone really loved it and we struck a deal, Ruth will be hooking me up with updos whenever she’s free and my hair is not in a protective style. Also, I ordered some products and tools for my hair yesterday and I’ll be getting them today, I’m so excited! In a latter post, I’ll be discussing how this style was achieved.

Till next time, Oge.


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Student, Talkative, Hair lover, Current Chemistry student, Aspiring Medical Doctor...
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11 Responses to My flat-twisted updo

  1. levybraide says:

    Is the same Ruth in Estate Mgt yr5??


  2. Shona says:

    So so pretty.


  3. KinkCHIC says:

    The style is really beautiful..
    I’m getting my hair done by my mom tomorrow too!


  4. afromissie says:

    First of all, your picture in the lab brings nostalgic feelings!! That lab was a conspicuous existence in my life for some years. And ur hair is pretty. Is using black soap sham washing? I thought that was washing itself. Or I might just be vague on the true definition of sham washing. Sometimes, these bouts of laziness help us realize how little our hair can manage. Sometimes little is enough.


  5. nafisah says:

    Oge-sly!!! it’s too pretty!! Come and hook me up with ruth o! Very lovely!


  6. Ore says:

    Nice blog, kindly follow anf check out my blog thanks 😍


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