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Natural Hair Care on a Budget: Tips and Tricks.

    Hello people! How are you all doing? Thanks to our faithful readers for their confessions in the last post. We are glad you all confessed. Lol Today’s post is addressing issues we natural hair people with tight/ limited … Continue reading

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Surviving Harmattan in Nigeria: Natural Hair and Skin Care tips.

  For those of you that may not know because you don’t live in west Africa… Harmattan is here o. It is one of those seasons in West Africa where certain regions are hit with extreme dryness, dust and cold … Continue reading

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Five Effective Practices That Help Me Retain Length ( Highly Requested Post)

This post was actually birthed as a result of questions from different people about how I have been able to retain good length in a short time, products I use and how they can grow theirs too. I felt great … Continue reading

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Liquifying Shampoo Bar: Reinventing the Beer Shampoo Bar

Originally posted on herampersandhim:
A while back I did a review of a beer shampoo bar that I loved. What I didn’t love was trying to keep the bar dry during use to avoid it wilting  away. So I got a…

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Only an Hour with Hourglass Rollers: A Rollersetting Review

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As a rollersetting enthusiast I have long been tempted by Vented Hourglass rollers. What some call Ethiopian  or conici rollers I called a challenge.   I placed an order Thursday with and Monday I had a package…

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