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Hello guys. I hope you all are doing fine. It’s really exciting for me that I’m writing a random post today without having to plan or put down what I’m going to talk about. I rarely do that. This post … Continue reading

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My Hair QuestionTag!

Hello world!!!!! *In Wendy Willam’s voice* ‘How you doooiing?’ I just took down my crochet braids today! See? I told you I can never trick myself into getting my protective styles to last more than 3 weeks! * Wash day … Continue reading

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2 Years Natural Hair Anniversary!! feat. My Length Check, Short Term Hair Goals and A little Hair Secret.

  As some of you know, I have a milestone countdown on the right side of my blog where I have been counting down to my 2nd year natural hair anniversary. Yay! I’m officially two years natural! *drum roll* Well I … Continue reading

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Protective Styling vs Low Manipulation Styling

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5 Ways Going Natural Can Change Your LIFE!

Originally posted on Young Fabulous & Natural:
? Going natural doesn’t just change how you view, style, and care for your hair. Going natural can change your life in a number of ways that you won’t even expect but you…

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