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The Nigerian Female’s Guide to Preventing and Correcting Thin, See-Through Ends.

Thin ends Left: Thin hair; Right: Hair after trim 1)      UNDERSTANDING THE STRUCTURE OF HAIR                A typical hair strand is a flexible keratin thread with great elasticity and strength which is      made of three layers. The innermost being the … Continue reading

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When Post High-school Life Meets Going Natural

                          It feels so great to be out of high school and all other things related. Like the popular holiday school song goes “no more morning bells, no more teachers’ cane”. Talking about … Continue reading

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Saturday 22/6/13 – A Co- wash for my Individual Jumbo Braids.

It’s been a week since I have installed my Individual Jumbo Braids. Yipee! It’s time for a Co- wash!!! I started by sectioning my hair into three parts as usual. Then I apply my conditioner- water mixture (3:1) to my … Continue reading

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Friday 14/6/2013 – Another Deep conditioning Treatment day for My Transitioning hair.

                   So before I decided I was going to do my Jumbo Individual Braids, I gave myself a simple protein treatment of 3 beaten eggs yolks; and the day after I conditioned with Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil Hair Masque. … Continue reading

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