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3 Responses to Let’s connect

  1. Nimisire says:

    Hi ma’am, stumbled on your blog today( glad I did). you have a beautiful work going here and I must admit, I love the ‘ natural hair ‘ thing,I started loving it more when i read ‘Americanah’.
    I wish I could like you take the brave step,but it’s just that I can’t put up with the ritual, too strenuous and expensive ….

    what if I stopped feeding my hair with bowls of relaxers and not take down or chop it off ,would I still have the all curly and ‘Nigerian ‘ kinky?

    please reply me


  2. nafisah says:

    Hello Nimisire. I’m really flattered by your kind words! Yes You would still have the curly coily kinky Nigerian hair depending on you hair texture. You will enjoy this new hair journey without much hassle if you can accept your hair whole-heartedly…just the way it is…in its natural state. Yes Natural hair can be a bit time consuming but trust me, You don’t have it make your hair care routine time consuming. Just tweak you routine a bit according to your schedule, personal preferences and budget. Give it a shot by stretching that relaxer by 3 4 5 months. If you find some good in it, then you can consider going natural.

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  3. kamsi says:

    Please do you guys know any natural hair salon within surulere vicinity and my hair is currently 4 inches and the last time are used relaxer was August last year. Please is it growing well?


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