What’s been up with me?


First and Foremost, Happy New Month!! To my current readers and subscribers and new readers, yes I see you all.  It’s almost 2017 already lol…Everything is just on fast forward right now…lol

I know we haven’t really been consistent with blogging. It really it hurts that I can’t even come online to give you all the full gist until now.

A couple of events have sprung up in my life and it’s really taking a toll on my ”blogger”life.

No I didn’t lose someone close to me..Long story short


I accidentally broke my phone:

Oh yes! It’s pretty much a long story  but I’ll cut things short. So I accidentally broke my phone in the dark while I was searching for it! You should have seen my face! It was the most painful thing ever. This is pretty much the major reason why I have been off the social media radar.

I had to move away

Lol…this took me some serious mind struggle before I came in terms with having to move to a new location I’m not quite used to. Far away from everything I knew and identified with! There was the stress of having to pack out stuff, throw out old stuff, organize new stuff, cleaning up and everything in between. This obviously wasn’t accomplished in one day.

I had  to live outside home:

A couple of weeks after moving out to a new place. I had to move into LUTH hostel, Idi Araba so as to prepare for my first semester exams. It was a big change to me because I had never really known what it really felt like living outside home since my former place of residence wasn’t far from school. I had to stay in the hostel for a full month and with the epileptic power supply over there, I had to make sure I conserve red my laptop’s battery life strictly for school projects.

Archi’torture’ tortured me a lot worse than last semester:

I’m half way through my 3rd year as an Architecture student in UNILAG and honestly at this point, It is safe to say that it can’t get any worse than this. I pretty much can’t remember the last time I had good sleep! that’s how bad it is. There’s so much mosquitoes bites all over my body due to sleepless nights in the studio spent working on our final projects with nothing but our torches and lamps. There was also stress form having to write my exams and dealing with projects at the same time. I feel so emotional everything I look at my body and see much getting an education had done to me.


But..hey I I’m finally home now. Lool..it’s only been 4 hours since I got back..lol..Yeah. And I’m so glad to be here right now! Lol..I don’t; have to worry about being broke or school stress or epileptic power supply or MOSQUITOE BITES!! I am just where I need to be and I am glad to be back on the blogging scene once again..

You’ll definitely hear a lot more from us now. I extend my sincere apologies to everyone that may have been affected by this long absence.

Until Next Time, I am still your girl,




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Coils On Campus: Iyinoluwa!


Happy New month everbody,
Long time no Coils on  Campus. Forgive us. This past month has been incredibly hectic for me. We are kicking off the new month with this very pretty Iyinoluwa. She’s an avid DIY queen with very thick and lush hair. Let’s meet her


1)    Hello Beautiful, Let’s get to know you.

My name is Iyinoluwa Adunade. I’m a 400 level student of the department of Creative Arts (theatre major), University of Lagos. I’m a good lover of the arts, I love dance, photography, creative handmade stuffs, watching movies, self-developing exposure, surfing the internet and quality time. Plus I can be dramatic.


2)    Why did you go natural and for how long have you been natural?

I went natural because I wanted to stop relaxing my hair. I can’t really remember the date of my big chop, but the experience was tragic because I went to a barbing saloon, explained to the guy that I wanted a “trimmed” cut, but he ended up giving me a “very low” cut. So I had to grow my hair again. I’ve been growing my natural hair for about three years now, since 2013.


3)    How were you enlightened to natural hair and what are your views on it?

My initial educator on natural hair and its management was my sister. She was on a natural hair group on Facebook, so we always tried what they posted. Soon I began surfing the internet and discovered DIY methods of maintaining natural hair. This process was indeed an experience, I remember a day my sister and I tried DIY banana deep conditioning, wow! We spent the entire day removing bits of banana remnants from our hair (anyone who has tried this before can relate to this). I also have a friend who is into natural hair business, I consulted her anytime I needed help or advice. My advice to ladies on natural hair would be to ask questions from those who have been on it for a while (even if it means stopping someone on the road. I did it sometimes) this saves you a lot of stress, discover what works best for you as a person and your hair type and be creative with your hair.


4)    How did people react when you finally revealed your natural hair?

Well my friends were really surprised cause my hair was really long when it was relaxed and when I went natural, about three years back, natural hair wasn’t a major trend like it is now.



5)    What’s your hair care routine like?

I wash my hair every two weeks. I do this with Dudu Osun, warm water twice to make sure the hair is really clean and all the greasy products are out. This process takes out the moisture in my hair, however, my DIY avocado deep conditioning replenishes it. I make it with one avocado pear to one and half (depending on how full and long your hair is), blended with milk into a smooth paste (I use the 50 naira hollandia milk because it has the right measurement) after which I add a table spoon of olive oil to it. I apply this to my hair from the root to the tip, cover my hair with a shower cap for twenty minutes, and then rinse out the paste. After washing, I spritz my hair, comb it with a big comb & weave it in it is damp into 4 to 6 sections to air dry. This takes me about two hours. I use Hawaiian silky leave-in conditioner and Hawaiian silky miracle worker. I also use coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil.


6)    Any favourite styles you love to wear or would love to try?

I don’t have any favourite style in particular.


7)    What do you do to your hair on days when you have morning lectures or wake up late or have tests/exams?

During such periods I like to be proactive. I simply wear protective styles like twists.


8)    2 dos and don’ts your hair strictly follows.

I don’t apply direct heat to my hair

I don’t leave my hair without moisturizing it for too long.


Always be creative with my styles

Always take good care of my hair.


9)    Any 2 products you recommend?

Hawaiian Silky miracle worker and Blue Magic carrot oil leave-in conditioner.


10)           Do you have any problems areas?

Not at all.


11)           What type of natural are you?

I am an enthusiastic natural.


12)           Any unforgettable moment you would like to share as regards your hair journey?

An unforgettable experience I had in my hair journey is the one I shared earlier on. My sister and I decided to try out this DIY banana deep conditioning we saw online. We blended the banana with milk and olive oil, applied it to our hair from the root to the tip, left it for about twenty minutes and rinsed it out. when we rinsed out the paste, we noticed there was SO MUCH bits of banana in our hair. We dried our hair with a towel, used our hands to shake it off and even combed the hair, but it seemed like there was no difference. We had to wait till the hair was totally dry, then we sectioned the hair like we were relaxing it and started combing out the banana till late in the night. It was really stressful.


13)      As a student, how are you able to allocate money for your hair products?

As a student, I’m able to allocate money for my hair products by planning and budgeting, with a budget I have a scale of preference on what hair product I need most. The answer to whether or not natural hair is expensive depends on the individual and her hair routine. If you are a product person or junkie you would most likely spend a lot of money on maintaining your hair. However if you add a few DIY products to your routine, it would help in saving your money.


14)           Any hair tips you would like to share with us?

You can air dry your hair after washing soaking up water in your hair with a towel after washing, applying your hair products or spritz to your damp hair, weave into sections and allow to dry that way. This prevents shrinkage and makes your hair soft after loosening it.

Do you know you can use underskirt (a clean one though!) as a satin pillow cover? Yes! You can.


15)           What are your hair goals?

A major one would be to grow a longer hair!


16)           What do you love and dislike most about your hair?


I love my hair texture (although I don’t know what hair type I have). A major challenge I have with my hair is its fullness because I have a very full hair and it can be very tiring to style every day when I don’t make it.

17)           Any advice to newly naturals or those considering it?

My advice to newly naturals or those considering it would be to get well informed, ask questions (especially from those who have been naturals for a while) and discover what works for you best.


18)           Where can we connect with you on the internet?

You can connect with me on Instagram @ iyin__oluwa (*double underscore) and on Facebook @ Iyinoluwa Adundae


Isn’t her hair just beautiful? Iyin really highlighted some great tips there if you agree with me.
If you would like to be featured on Coils on Campus, Fill in your response here http://goo.gl/forms/zFZwhbZj44 or send a message, we are only an email away! coilyheadofhair@gmail.com
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Until Next Time,



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Non- Hair Matters: My Fitness Journey

Hello beautiful people,

Happy Saturday and Happy New Month!!

Today’s post would totally be off- topic..lol..No hair discussions today. I’ll be talking about me!! Battling with weight gain and all that

I felt like have I have always had the perfect physique right from when I turned 16. I had a 26” waist for my 38” hips with a height of  5′ 7” and weight of 58 kg. Yes I was really conscious of the smallest details. And then I found  myself in the 1st year of university, and old friends would come up to me several months after we graduated and would suddenly go, ”Nafisat, what happened? You look so fat now!” or “‘Wow, you really gained weight o” and someone of them try to make you feel  good by saying, ”Er, you’re not actually fat, but you are now chubby” Of course, because I felt like they were all exaggerating too much, I didn’t pay  so much attention to them.

Fast forward to 2015 in my second year of school , the comments started getting too out of hand. I just couldn’t comprehend it. There were fatter/ bigger girls than I am all around me and nobody tells them they are too big or too fat. It was only me. I just couldn’t comprehend it. I started to get so mad irritated and angry at the fact that nobody was ”being mean” to them as they were to me.  So I turned that anger into my motivation to shed a few kilograms  before my third year. I started researching on healthy eating habits and I realized it was a bit challenging to eat healthy here in Nigeria especially when 80% of what we eat are heavy carbs and 90% of the food you eat is

  1. Either bought from eateries
      2. Cooked by your very African mother who believes plenty palm oil or vegetable oil is the secret to a delicious and  tasty meal
     3. Is completely  pastries and other junk food.

I had to give up without a second thought and scrap the idea of eating healthy and being fit.

Towards the end o f 2015 in December, I actually took it seriously this time around at least for like a month. I gathered some fitness inspiration here and there, watched a couple of weight loss and fitness journey videos on YouTube, I learned a lot about how fat is gained and lost, I really learnt  a lot but when it was time for me to put my very positive mind set and goal into motion, I slacked again…

Well not until 5 days ago… It was like a wake up call for me. I was trying to put on an outfit and I found it impossible to pick one, I kept on playing dress up for over 40 minutes. I was annoyed, angry and sad because I felt like no matter what I put on, It just didn’t look good on me. My tummy was bulging out a bit too much for comfort, my upper arms were getting noticeably bigger everyday. It was sickening!! My waist size had gone up to 29.5” and my weight had gone up to 66kg.  about 4 inches and 8kg in 2 years? I felt like if I kept on with this habit of mine, I may end up really fattened up in 6 years. Horrible picture!


What do I do?

I’m going to burn those unwanted fat and try to keep fit. that what I’ll do.

It seemed easy to say but yet so difficult to do but how do I intend to burn the unwanted fats?

By eating healthier and dumping junk food ofcourse and making running and skipping my best friends!

Again it seemed so easy to say and difficult to do but how do I intend to eat healthier and dump the junks? Making running and skipping my best friends?

This actually the difficult part of it. How to get myself into doing something that seems impossible. But really. I’ll just DO IT. The only way to get yourself to do something is to JUST DO IT.

My main goal to be fit and eat healthier. My focus areas are my arms and tummy where a considerable amount of fat is stored.

I intend to skip my ass of everyday and run 3 times per week.

Reduce my intake of ice-cream, pastries and desserts, sugary drinks, milk chocolate, milo, bread, popcorn ( my babies!!!)  vegetable oil and palm oil and incorporate healthier options like

Brown rice,
Moi Moi,
Boiled Plantain
Olive Oil
Golden morn ( it’s actually healthier than you think)
Skimmed Milks
Dark Chocolate
Wheat bread,
Water ofcourse,
Yoghurt smoothies .

I really want to try smoothies, I’ll be getting a smoothie maker next month, I can’t wait to share recipes with you.

I’m desperately in search of low fat yogurt or Greek yogurt in Lagos. If anyone knows where I can get it please kindly drop it in the comments.

I’ll also keep you all updated on the journey take arm, waist and thigh size measurement every 2 weeks. Wish me luck. I can’t wait to start this!

Until next Time,
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Coils on Campus: Renike

Happy Sunday Lovelies, This week’s Coils on Campus Feature is Renike.

Renike has soft hair she finds easy to style. She ensures it takes her hair regimen seriously and preps her hair the night before. She doesn’t like experimenting much with products but advises that we invest in good quality products.

Let’s meet her.



Hello beautiful, Let’s get to know you.

My name is Morenike Olusanya. Brand name: Renike. I’m a creative artist. (Graphic designer and artist) and a 400 level student of UNILAG, Department of Creative arts (visual arts) I love to sing, dance, draw, read and watch movies.


Why did you go natural and for how long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 1 year and 2 months. I completely cut my hair off because I noticed I had weightless hair. It was too soft and relaxing it just weakened it the more. So I just decided to cut it to be able to manage it more.


Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

How were you enlightened to natural hair and what are your views on it?

The plan wasn’t to rock my natural hair…lol. I didn’t even realize people had natural hair till few months after I cut mine. I just wanted to be comfortable and I wanted healthy hair.


How did people react when you finally revealed your natural hair?

My course mates were okay with it. It looked nice on me. My mum and dad loved it. My brother loved it. (His girlfriend is also natural)


      What’s your hair care routine like?

I wash my hair once in 2 weeks because I cannot stand the shrinkage. It pisses me off. Lol. I use Double Sheen Argan oil shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Eucalyptus anti hair breakage leave in serum after. Then in embrace the shrinkage. Lol. I have a mixture of castor oil cream, coconut oil cream and olive oil cream from natures gentle touch. I use it to massage my scalp twice a week. I also have a mixture of the original oils. I use them once a week. I use castor oil or aloe vera gel to lock in moisture. I have natural soft hair so detangling is never an issue.


Any favourite styles you love to wear or would love to try?

I love to make kinky braids or crotchet braids as protective styles. I’m a lover of big hair so I make full hair. I love Bantu knots, I love twists. My hair is very soft so I can pack it and style it anyhow I want to and it still looks good.


What do you do to your hair on days when you don’t have time to style?

Morning when I wake up late…I try to avoid situations like that. Every night before I go to bed, I twist my hair or braid it and lock in moisture with Aloe vera gel or a little castor oil. Then I wear a silk hair bonnet and my pillow case is also satin/silk. I just comb it out if I can’t style in the morning. I’m not a lover of wigs. So I just become creative with it so it’s still looks nice. My quickest hairstyle is a high bun.


2 dos and don’ts your hair strictly follows.

I don’t sleep with my hair exposed (without a bonnet) and I don’t sleep on cotton pillow case… My hair texture battles with it. Anytime I do that, my hair shrinks and become dry and hard. I also do not strain my edges or pack my braids. It gives me headaches and pulls out my edges. I always moisturize my hair (it has an amazing feel to it) and style my hair. (It helps with length retention)


Any 2 products you recommend?

Argan Oil shampoo and leave in conditioner. Doesn’t have sulphate or Sulphur. Sulphate is bad for natural hair. And Aloe Vera gel for moisturizing (no alcohol)


Do you have any problems areas?

The hair at the back of my head grows waaaaaay slower than the hair in front.


What type of natural are you?

What type of natural am I? Lol. Not a product guru…

I’m definitely the stingy type: I can’t get it for you, just don’t touch mine.

Very protective: I don’t like it when people touch my hair.

I’m faithful to the products I use: I don’t want to experiment with my lovely hair and suffocate it with a lot of different products. If it’s expensive and worth it, I will save and buy it.


Any unforgettable moment you would like to share as regards your hair journey?

When I discovered my back hair wasn’t growing as fast as my front hair was.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

As a student, how are you able to allocate money for your hair products?

I’m a creative artist so I work. Natural hair is expensive to maintain. You have to spend to get quality products. When I’m broke, I manage and pray of course.


Any hair tips you would like to share with us?

Don’t over manipulate. It’s better if you do not texturize or straighten your natural hair at all. It’s better in its natural state.


What are your hair goals?

I want my hair to be massive 5 years from now. Then I will either loc it or leave it. I will make that decision in 5 years. And yes, when I have a female child, I won’t cut her hair. I will treat it early…so hers will be waaaay longer than mine. ( Aww. how sweet)


What do you love and dislike most about your hair?

I love how soft my hair is. I don’t like how fragile it is


Any advice to newly naturals or those considering it?

Newly naturals…you have to be patient with your hair. Different people have different hair that grow at different speeds. You have to be ready to spend time with your hair if you want it to look healthy and be healthy


Are you into hair blogs like CHH or watch you tube videos instead or none?

I watch YouTube videos most of the time.


Where can we connect with you on the internet?

       Instagram: @iamrenike


I hope you all enjoyed reading about Renike’s hair journey. If you are a student with natural hair and would loved to be featured on our Coils on Campus series, then do send us a mail to coilyheadofhair@gmail.com or visit this link to answer the questions. http://goo.gl/forms/zFZwhbZj44

Until Next Time,



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Hair Update: Breakage, Hair Cut and 2016 Resolutions!

Hey Lovelies, Today’s post is going to be on my hair update growth wise. Enjoy!



The Puff Life



UPDATE 1: I am not retaining enough length!!!

I remember sharing with you all my October length check when I was at 11 inches then I had a trim and measured again and I had roughly 10 an a half inches. Then I did the inversion method after one week I had almost 11 inches which was a great result for me. In November I conducted a rough length check which I had about 11 and then again in February another rough check with almost 12 inches of hair. I was really hoping that I would have had about 12 and a half inches by February but I’m barely reaching 12 inches. So I’m feeling like am not retain as much length as I should. And not that, I noticed my edges have been breaking small small!
To an extent, I’m not surprised because I have been slacking. Lol…like seriously. I have been slacking…umm I have been too busy with school.


Why I wasn’t retaining as much length:

Basically everything I do to my hair is just a puff. Since the beginning of the semester in mid-January, my hair has just been in a puff. Like I haven’t been doing any serious protective styling. I haven’t been doing my twist outs, or braid outs. It’s just been in a puff and it’s really not healthy for me because it is not the healthy protective style when it comes to preventing tangling and SSKS. I have not been moisturizing and sealing CONSISTENTLY…Lorddd!! I haven’t been taking my regimen seriously since the beginning of the year and it is so bad and annoying! I think my poor length retention has been as a result of my unserious attitude to my hair care regimen….lol I have been having that ‘’as the spirit leads’’ attitude.  It is not the best.
My hair actually has been healthy but I have  been trimming unnecessarily. The last trim I had was unnecessary because I mistook the dry ends I had for damaged, rough ends not knowing it was actually as a result of my inconsistent moisture routine. I really should I have just taken care of them better instead of just trimming off like that. It’s been 8 months since I dyed my hair and don’t think my hair colouring escapade contributed much to the breakage. I only noticed dryness on the dyed sections on the first two months in August and September and after September my hair started to feel normal again, you know, no more feeling of that transition from healthy mid- shaft hair to dry ends.



My last trim in October 2015.




I accidentally cut my hair!! Yes o. if you follow our blog on Instagram you would see the picture I posted, I was so annoyed when I found out. I cut off out about 2 if not 3 inches off the tip of the braid while I was trimming off the crochet spring twists I made myself ( I should I have sewn the braid to secure the tips) . Even the trimming led to an accidental massive cutting of my twists lol…so I had to balance out the look by cutting the other side, and now I’m not sure what to call this hair whether bob spring twists or something. I’m sha not enjoying this. Since the installation, I have been scarfing it up and down. So I’m going to take down the hair but I’ll still keep the braid pattern and get another 3 packs to reinstall again because the hair was so beautiful before the ‘’I too know’’ in me pushed to ‘’trim’’ and eventually ‘’over trim’’ and eventually ‘’cut my hair!!!’’
Like seriously. Lol. Could this get any worse?? No.

crochet cut

2016-03-09 00.56.39.jpg






So am I going to do?

Well…My plan is to drop some resolution below because I am really hoping to hit 13 inches by next month because it’s going to be my 3rd natural hair anniversary and really I’m so excited. Like it would 3 years since I stopped using relaxer and that feeling is just so amazing and exciting.


2016 Hair resolution

1)       Constant moisture and sealing routine by paying more attention to my edge and ends
2)       Take my regimen more seriously. You know… all that good good stuff should be done more often.
3)       Incorporate more low manipulation and protective styles. I may not be fan of full protective styles but styles like twists, cornrows, French braids, flat twists and updos would definitely be on my list.


To mark my 3rd year anniversary, I’m going to back to black fully with a permanent dye. I tried the henna-indigo thing, I was quite impressed by it but the process it was too tedious!! I had to wait for the mix to release for 3 hours, then wait for it to sit on my hair for 1 and half hours. It’s like an all-day process and it’s just too tedious for me so I will be using a permanent natural back dye on my hair. I would make a short review of the henna- indigo colouring for you just in case you are not sure how the process goes. So watch this space for that.


If you are interested in getting yourself a free ticket to NITC14 Lagos meet up, berra do yourself some financial favour and head down to this post. It closes on Thursday! Winner would be announced and contacted same day.


Until Next time,



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